The Kangaroo ticket?

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    McCain was almost upstaged at the rally here by Palin, who drew rapturous applause from the crowd with her bubbly declaration -- twice -- that she and McCain were "going to Washington, D.C., to shake things up!''

    McCain recited a speech he had given earlier in the day about the need to reform Wall Street. A slow but steady trickle of supporters began to file out after Palin's speech introducing McCain.
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    Most of the right wingnuts are hoping Palin will arrange for the assassination of McCain so she can install a Christian taliban.

    Save McCain! Vote for Obama! :p
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    Is that why he keeps hanging on to the back of her skirt - I would have used the word 'coattails', except that it is used to describe the back part of a man's coat. The two are inseparable these days.

    It would behoove the viewer to watch her closely when she renders one of these feel good speeches. She constantly makes eye contact with Mac to get affirmation that she is on the right track.
  4. Did you see her on Haniity last night? Wow, was she impressive. Democrat women all over the country admire her and resent the slimy attacks on her and her family. She is genuine, not a made for campaign robot like Obama. She doesn't need a teleprompter to know her core values. Voters can sense that, and they like it.
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    Not really.
  6. "Values voters" should stop voting for values and start voting for brains.
  7. Don't be fooled. She's every bit the opportunistic politician that Obama is, McCain is, is.
  8. Oh, yes, and you can always expect journalistic integrity and a meanngful, in-depth interview from someone as objective as Hannity. When people say Hannity is full of it, I'm sure they mean integrity and objectivity. Do you think he shined her shoes after the show?
  9. He was respectful but still asked the questions he wanted to ask. Unlike Olbermann and Matthews, he did not immediately drop to his knees in front of the candidate and open his mouth.

    Anyway, Hannity does not pretend to be objective. He is a conservative and doesn't hide it. That doesn't mean he can't interview a candidate. Of course, Obama is afraid to face him. He has been invited on many times, daily in fact. The smartest man ever to run for president apparently is afraid of a talk show host. Maybe if Hannity allowed him to use a teleprompter so he would know what his positions are this week....
  10. Yes, no doubt Obama is afraid of facing an intellectual giant like Hannity. I've seen how the likes of Hannity and O'Reilly allow some of their guests to finish their sentences on Fox. Dialogue at its finest.
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