The joys of communism

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    I know liberals get a hard on when you talk about how wonderful Cuba is. If only we could work out some arrangement to let them move there. :)

    American jailed in Cuba: I was 'trusting fool'

    Associated Press

    HAVANA (AP) -- An American government subcontractor sentenced to 15 years in prison after illegally bringing communications equipment into Cuba told a Havana court he was a "trusting fool" and never meant any harm to the government, according to excerpts from his testimony released Friday by his lawyer.

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    Where's Ricter? He's a flaming communist.
  3. Sorry but you dont have any idea what Communism is.

    Try and learn to differentiate between what is a political system, an economic system, dialectical materialism and historical inevitability vs populist , provincial claptrap.

    Reading...I know, its hard.
  4. Senator Menendez said, "The Cuban regime's affirmation of USAID contractor Alan Gross's 15-year sentence for acts against the 'integrity and independence' of Cuba is a vivid reminder of the intolerance and brutality of the authoritarian regime that has ruled the island for more than fifty years. Gross' sentence eviscerates the notion held by some that the Castro brothers are embracing democratic reforms, but rather is a reminder that the regime seeks to control every aspect of life in Cuba and is willing to harshly punish anyone who challenges that control.
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    Well ... I guess these last couple of years we've learned a couple of lessons that no one EVER could have imagined:

    1. You don't go into a communist country with the intent of giving some of its people access to the freedom of the press afforded on the internet, and...
    2. You don't go hiking in Iran.
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    They shouldn't be called liberals. They should be called what they really are. Statist.
  7. Mav, I realize now that you post threads to provoke discussion, so let me throw cold water on yet another one of them.

    Until a system is found that discourages males from trying to acquire females, all of them will fall to the same types of corruption. All systems of government are designed to stratify males. Males at the top get the most females, and vice versa. So communism, capitalism, fascism, fill in the blank ism, all meant to do one thing, stratify males. Think about that for a moment.
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    Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.
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    <iframe width="560" height="345" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Just look at the joy on Obama's face.
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    Max E.

    If that is your belief, then you should believe in democracy and the smallest government possible. The government gains more power over you the larger it becomes, people could make the government as corrupt as they want to, but it wouldnt matter, if the government has no power over people, Thus the smaller the government the better the system, and the less susceptible it is to corruption.

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