The journals of a winner: crgarcia!

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  1. Here are the journals of a winner with six figure profits!
    All trades were POSTED REAL TIME

    Just loaded on DDMs:

    Finally, I decided it: I'll get a loan on my home (mortgage) to invest!:

    Just sold and profited:

    Only I posted winning real-time trades

    Logic conclusion:
    crgarcia is a winner and daytraders are losers!
  2. What its more exciting is that these six-figure profits were made with other people money!

    (in this case bank money!)
  3. Post a brokers statement. Fat girl. Everyone knows your full of shit. Come one prove people wrong
  4. Stop avoiding my challenge crgarica, I challenged you to compare PnL's... we can get them audited if we're betting enough money. ARE YOU SCARED A DAYTRADER LIKE MYSELF OUTPERFORMED YOU? STEP UP TO THE PLATE TOUGH GUY
  5. We're all waiting crgarcia, I'm challenging you, are you folding in the face of a REAL trader?
  6. schizo


    Today I received a downright condescending PM from crgarcia, which reads:

    Are you ready to apologize?

    with the following link:

    In it, you will find him posting 2 trades, both after-the-fact. But, seriously, are we supposed to think he's a profitable trader based on those two trades? Notice how he then slyly slips in the claim that he made 11% and 7% "with leverage". Uhm, okay. If that's what you insist.

    What is more laughable is that both trades were overnight trades. Yes, both were closed out by the next day. With all the crap he's been spitting out lately about daytraders, you would think he will hold his positions for weeks, if not months. But, no, in less than 24 hours, he is outta there. And he makes fun of daytraders!

    Lastly, didn't he directly challenge me and others to post realtime trades? I've since posted at least 100 trades in realtime, both winners and losers. All that time, I was in high hopes that he would kick my ass. Geezus, who would have thought he was such a coward.

    On those grounds, just what the hell am I to apologize about?

    By all means, I love entertainments but seeing too many of the same old crap gets tiring and this crappy charade is putting me to sleep. Needless to say, every thread crgarcia creates is always the same old repetition. Yawn!

    Needless to say (times two), it's time for me to move on. Ciao!
  7. I got the same pathetic PM from him too.

  8. I'm waiting for an email from him accepting my challenge, I have a lawyer that can facilitate the bet if he doesn't back out.
  9. From my experience this kind of cyber tight never get anywhere.

    Remember the "index_piker" who "challenged" every trader to outperform his indexed portfolio? Fell a quiet death.

    Remember Asiaprop challenged all day traders to provide proof of profitability to receive a first class ticket and a vacation package?

    This crgarcia is not even coherent in his posts.

    Good luck... :)
  10. BSAM


    I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
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