The "Joneses" are getting squeezed

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  1. Saks Chief Executive Officer Stephen Sadove said Nov. 20 that its ``aspirational'' customers were hurt by the U.S. economic slowdown.

    ``Aspirational'' shoppers have an average annual household income of $75,000, according to Citigroup analyst Charmaine Tang. They include consumers who stretch their incomes to buy, for example, a $500 handbag and cut such spending when their budgets tighten.
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    not sure if that is the case, check out COACH
  3. I definitely am buying fewer handbags because I cannot afford as many girlfriends.
  4. They'll give you a $100 discount if you allow them to embroider the word "douche" on each side of the handbag.
  5. any here shop at jos. a banks?
  6. they have great dress shirts, but i just bought cords for $25.00!
  7. oh shit! in LA!...gas prices anyone?
  8. Eh, the twenty is the new five dollar bill.
  9. Then, I just stiffed a waitress.
  10. this is why it's better to date college-age girls. they are lower maintenance (financially). you can make them happy with a $150 handbag. chicks in their upper 20s and beyond usually have more expensive taste because they've been working a while. they'll want a $800 handbag and $400 shoes for x-mas.

    this is today's words of wisdom for e.t., courtesy of me.
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