The jobs report this week.

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How will the jobs report look on Friday?

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  1. Better than Expected

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  2. Worse than expected

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  3. Relatively in-line

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  4. I have no idea

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  1. dylan57


    115000 jobs expected to be created. 4.7% unemployment rate. What is everybody here expecting this week for godzilla of all economic reports? I dont think were going to have 115000 jobs created. It will definetly be better than than last month but that number seems like a stretch.
  2. it will be spun
  3. they are dreaming
  4. Market will deem it positive either way
  5. S2007S


    -4000 last month ahead of the sept 18th federal reserve meeting, this month back to 95k+ new jobs, should be no loss of jobs for september. Im sure they will add more jobs to august numbers making it around unchanged for the month.

    Will be spun any which way to keep the bull running.
  6. 50,000 max even if they create them via adjustment as usual
  7. No friggin' clue. My default state, as it were.
    But, if the bullishness continues into Friday, no matter what the number is, we'll drop on it.