the jobs numbers were big surprise

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  1. contrary to what some might say,the street expected a weak number but not one that was this weak. also,prior months were revised down. this was simply a disaster.
  2. I agree with your assessment.
  3. also,it begs the question. will a rate cut even help? could we be in a predictament where the economy slowed so much that lower rates will be ineffective? look at 2000 when the ded started to lower rates.
  4. It won't help.

    We are begging for a rate cut and The Fed will deliver and consequently send our economy spiraling down into the toilet even deeper. Hyperinflation is here to visit for a while.

    I'm glad to see some real NFP numbers for once. I, too, am surprised that the truth is out.

    We ARE in a recession.
  5. couldn't agree more.
  6. The difference of this recession may be job loss without high unemployment rate, considering the retirement of boomers.
  7. You forgot those who gave up looking for jobs already.
  8. Yeah, I noticed where I am we had a cut a little while ago, and the dept where it was had a lot of long-timers in it who just took their package and added it to their retirements, and made out very well indeed. So, it's possible the rate will either hang steady or only go up slowly.
  9. What if there's no rate cut by the Fed and instead it chooses to keep fighting inflation? When people are begging for a cut, they won't give it to you.
  10. All bearish numbers = real
    All bullish numbers = cooked
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