The job data might be leaked

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  1. for today's index action in last minutes pumping? it might be very good tomorrow.

    any idea?
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Also the name of a very good Pet Shop Boys song...
  4. WTF what did you expect. I hope people at least act surprised.

  5. Tomorrow could be dangerous either way. I am alot more concerned about short side surprise; this one is a hard call. Will
    most likely be flat into the report then look for a break, how are straddles priced?:confused:
  6. ssblack



    which market are you referring to OP?
  7. Pumping? YM went from 14027 at 3:30 to a high of 14050 and then sold off to 14029 into the 5:00 PM close.
  8. Got to love massive job losses with zero risk $$
  9. 65k headline. Revision to Aug of +22k.
  10. That wasn't pumping IMO.

    The best shit is when institutions buy passively (let themselves get hit on the bid) and then all of a sudden jack it up.
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