The jerk that is negging ALL my threads

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by stock777, May 13, 2010.

  1. Performing something of a disservice to the wonderful ET community I suspect.

    Do the moderators support someone randomly rating threads 1 star as a form of personal attack.

    I'd hope not.
  2. If it's just one jerk doing it, then it shouldn't be a big deal. One vote is nothing if others are voting positively.
  3. lol, most dont vote at all, so 1 vote seems to rule the roost.

    since I cant see what the voting looks like , I cant tell.

    It definitely being rigged , which makes a mockery and a sham of the star system.

    reminds me of the market.
  4. Oddly enough this thread has one vote too.
  5. 10 K posts and striving for highly rated threads. Ivan get this Pilar of Society an ET coffee mug!!

  6. Since I can't see who the fan is, I must assume its one of a half dozen or so I've humiliated publicly over the years.

    This person now spends all their free time (while not in the straight jacket) monitoring ET and waiting for me to post.

    Doesn't get sadder than that.
  7. lol, I could give a shit about the ratings, but it makes ET look stupid if one or two idiots can rate a thread as 1 star. Defeats the purpose iykwim.
  8. newtoet


    I didn't even realize there was a rating system until I saw this thread. I would imagine the majority of ET readers are like me and don't notice either.
  9. Hard not to notice when the gold stars are right there in the topic listings.
  10. newtoet


    If you just click forums and look down the page, they don't appear. They don't appear on the front page either. When you click a thread they don't appear have to scroll to the bottom to even see the option to vote. They aren't very prevalent, and even if they were I doubt people would pay attention or use them as a real guide as to whether or not they should read a thread.
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