The Jellyfish Are Coming, The Jellyfish Are Coming!

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    If it's not Global Warming, it's the Ice Age. What's next? Jellyfish?

    “Have we left it too late to save our seas?” ran the headline above Frank Pope’s article in last Thursday’s Times. The newspaper’s Ocean Correspondent and occasional TV presenter issued a stark warning that unless action is taken to protect coral reefs and similar ecosystems around the world, then in the not too distant future the seas “will be dominated by jellyfish and slime”.

    Sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it? Be assured though that not all is doom and gloom. In the Coral Triangle in the Philippines, for example, we learn that local fishermen have got together to create marine reserves where no fishing is allowed. The case of the Chagos Archipelago or British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), a full no-take zone, where the coral reefs are in pristine condition and the water is crystal clear is also cited. “Wherever it’s given a chance the ocean shows enormous power to bounce back, and fast,” Pope writes approvingly. “The race is on. Can adequate protection be put in place fast enough to prevent the complex weave of ocean ecosystems from unravelling?”

    It’s a good question. I wish I knew the answer.
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    Thats strange, jelly fish in the news. I like jelly jars myself;
    they dont sting so much.:D

    Excuse my unbelief, but we heard polar bears were in danger,/climate change because of ''ice melt''LOL!! The reason I am laughing is beacuse God created polar bears.

    Someone always says well God created passenger pigeons;
    so beware/be careful.

    Ok, be careful, but polar bears are well regulated by sport hunting.Passenger pigeons were not regulated by state wildlife managers/game wardens.;
    NRA LIFE has proved polar bear population are dong fine.:cool: Thats cool.
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    Murray, I would like to see one of them thare 'passenger pigeons' God created.
  4. Jellyfish are Coming.

    European Socialism is coming to America.
    Obama is a Muslim.
    Obama is a Kenyan.

    Need I go on with the parallel thinking?
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    Good post.

    Brother bill, sometimes your posts are dopey; sometimes they are intelligent.
    I can't quite get a handle on you yet.
    Keep posting; sometimes you put up some really reasonable assessments.

  6. lol, this wasn't one of them.

    obama's own bio said he was born in kenya
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    I'd be impressed if you'd just do ANY thinking.
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    I think he should just try some parallel parking. Something easy that he might be able to handle. Thinking doesn't seem to be mrbill's strong suit.
  9. Gotta thank you two kids for high fiving each other with your playground comments. You really got me this time. Grow up.
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    Right after you "honest" up. Until then you can STFU.
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