The jealousy over Palin has reached astronomical levels

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  1. Smart, accomplished, good looking, interesting, likeable, magnetic, leader.

    The left must destroy it!


    example of a US weekly article of Michelle obama.

    "Michelle Obama: Why Barack Loves Her." The teaser reads, "She shops at Target, loved 'Sex in the City' and never misses the girls' recitals. The untold romance between a down-to-earth mom and the man who calls her 'my rock.'" The website URL states, "exclusive-barack-obama-michelle-is-an-extraordinary-mother."

    The Obama issue focused on Michelle Obama's "strong sense of family" and genuine personality.


    Palin article:

    "John McCain's Vice President Sarah Palin: Babies, Lies & Scandal."

    The website URL for the Palin story reads, "sarah-palin-very-difficult-to-work-with."

    Mom-of-five Palin is antiabortion (even in cases of rape) and opposed to sex-education classes (she believes in abstinence instruction for teens).

    In the wake of the announcement about Bristol, questions have begun to arise about the governor's candor and McCain's judgment (The New York Times reported that McCain's camp vetted Palin only the day before her selection was announced.

    Sick fucks.
  2. cuz69


    Tell me why Chelsea Clinton was off limits? And why BO himself said family attacks were not fair and unacceptable? And why nobody would question a man being a responsible or capable father with 5 children while holding office?
    Why does the LEFT constantly promote women in the work force, leave your kids at day care, latch key , it's a mans world, women can do anything a man can do(and better)but yet feels the need to attack SARAH PALIN????????????????????????????????????


    By the way, I am a supporter of all of those things I addressed about women(for the women)!

    And I will be voting for Sarah as PRESIDENT in 4 yrs from now!
  3. For the first time since Ronald Reagan I feel there's a Republican connected to the people. Pat Buchanan is the intellecual leader of creative conservative thought but Patrick J. just isn't pretty enough. :)

  4. I'm pleased to see Geraldine Ferraro come in and speak up for her.

    She said, on Fox tonight, "Of course she can do the job".

    I remember a 60 minutes piece on Larry the Cable Guy. Larry is the former Dan Whitney. Go look at his videos. Dan just wasn't funny. He used to open at the West Palm Beach Comedy club, take tickets. Saw him man times. As Larry the Cable guy, he can make me pee my pants telling a joke I heard 30 years ago. Anyway, his new manager was talking about knocking down 300 g's night, filling ampitheaters, telling fart jokes. I think it was Simon who asked, 'how did the guys in LA miss it". The answer was to the effect that they dont' understand the rest of the country.

    Sounds familiar.
  5. Jealousy? I don't think so. Palin has a decent resume, but not for VP. As citizens of a country as important as the US, you guys really should try to elevate your standards.
  6. TGregg


    No doubt. The flaming on the left is only outdone by the support of the "conservatives" on the right.

    I can see why the left has their (tiny) nuts in the wringer over the Palin selection. To the left, the most important aspect of a person (after how liberal they are) is their race and gender. Whether it's Clarence Thomas or that Mexican nominee for SCOTUS, libs HATE any protected minority that is also conservative. Plus a women VP might get votes from some mad Hildabeast supporters.

    But I don't understand all this glee and joy and happiness and Happy Days Are Here Again from the right. Bill Whittle, a former sane mind is <a href="">doing cartwheels</a> over the McCain/Palin ticket, for instance.

    Here's a big news flash: She's a freaken' VP pick! She's not at the top of the ticket. That means if McCain wins, it'll be a McCain Whitehouse. McCain will reach across the aisle for higher taxes, McCain will work with democrats for more government, McCain will "compromise" with democrats on a higher minimum wage, McCain will sign Koyoto. McCain will be even more liberal than either of the Bushes. And Palin will do this to move him to the right:


    That's right. It ain't gonna matter a whit. Now one can get excited over a seeming conservative that supposedly has a shot at the top of the ticket down the road. But the GOP has repeatedly shown that Regean is dead and the New Party needs to be democrat-light. So it'll be a tough mountain to climb for a real conservative to win it all.

    True conservatives are soooo desperate for any slight win at all, that many of us are willing to go nuts over something as meaningless as a VP pick. What's next, Huzzahs because Ted the Submariner adopts a kitten that's conservative? Geez people, pull yourselves together.
  7. I'm sure you've heard by now that Palin has a more extensive accomplished resume then obama, and he's running for the top spot.

    Oh yeah, he was a community organizer.

  8. Hook, line and sinker. They've reeled you in and you're smiling. So sad.
  9. As nice a guy as Reagan was (really), he would hardly have qualified as a fiscal conservative.
  10. Somebody has to stop the graft. We're on a precipous of epic proportions. Somebody has to blow people like Reid and Pelosi out the door. McCain has the best chance to pull us all to the center. And the Pelosi choice was perfect. The middle of the country is sick of graft. Right now, 30 Dem lawyers are in Alaska trying to discredit her. All that's gonna do is herd 'em in the door to vote for her. the Dems couldn't be stupider. Thank God.

    Obama is about handouts and blame. They are already planning to prosecute Geo. Bush. What will that accomplish? It is so petty and amateurish as to disqualify them in a rational mind.

    Of course, the bombthrowers will love it.

    Did I mention Palin is for the death penalty? She says, we need to put child rapists (not a capital crime) to death so they don't do it again. That's my candidate. As a matter of fact, we need an express line. And that's the way the majority see it. Hollywood won't like it. Pervs buy movie tickets.
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