The Jack Schwager Trading Course - inventory clearance sale $295

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  1. <b><font color=green>The Jack Schwager Trading Course: Your Complete Guide to Mastering the Markets</b></font>


    Inventory clearance: 14 complete, new, original sets available.


    This is the acclaimed home study course from “Market Wizard” and hedge fund manager Jack Schwager. Published in 2003, the set includes 12 VHS tapes (16 hours) in 3 attractive hard plastic binders and 200-page spiral-bound reference guide. Loaded with tons of essential insider info for your after-hours viewing and reading pleasure, to say nothing of virtually unlimited fun and profit...

    Table of Contents:

    Lesson 1: Trading Systems: The key principles to success
    Lesson 2: Defining Your Trading System: Learn to Follow the Trends
    Lesson 3: Going Against The Trend: What does your personality say to you?
    Lesson 4: Pattern Systems: Using technical analysis as a trading trigger
    Lesson 5: Parameters: The building blocks of your trading system
    Lesson 6: Pitfalls: Systems are good but they're not guaranteed
    Lesson 7: Choosing The Right Data For Your Stock Trading System
    Lesson 8: Choosing The Right Data For Your Futures Trading System
    Lesson 9: Finalizing a System Concept: Diversifying Across Time and Markets
    Lesson 10: Confirmation Conditions: Learn to fine-tune your trend following systems
    Lesson 11: Filters: Tight guarding your system to enhance your success
    Lesson 12: When to Get Out: Key exit strategies for trend following systems
    Lesson 13, 14, 15, & 16: Using Easy Language to Program and Test Your Personal Trading Systems
    Lesson 17: Using Chart Patterns as a Guide to Creating Automated Trading Systems
    Lesson 18 & 19: How To Turn Your Own Idea Into a Computerized Trading System
    Lesson 20: Optimization: Getting the most out of your trading system
    Lesson 21: Just How Good Is It? The truth about simulated results
    Lesson 22: Quantifying Results: How to measure system performance
    Lesson 23 & 24: Money Management: Translating your system results into cash

    Inventory clearance sale price: <b><font color=red> $295.00</b></font>.


    You may find it online for quite a bit less than Amazon's new ($799) or used price (currently $735.08 + shipping), but nowhere near $295 -- guaranteed, or your money back. Offered well below wholesale price. Rarely comes up on eBay.

    Shipping: free standard domestic shipping, with Track & Confirm. (This is a large and heavy package!)
    Insurance: add $4.40, if desired (optional).
    Canada: add $3.60 for shipping.
    Outside of N. America: shipped at actual cost, inquire first via PM. Note that the tapes are in NTSC format.
    Shipped from: "live free or die" state, New Hampshire.

    Payment: PayPal only, please. Remit to (Verified, so you're fully protected; this account established in 1999). You may use your PayPal balance, bank account, debit card or credit card. Credit card usually offers an extra layer of protection to the buyer, on top of PayPal's own, built-in, comprehensive buyer protection. Money orders, cashier's checks, certified checks, personal checks, business checks, bank drafts, or any other 20th century paper instruments cannot be accepted; they tend to cause long delays, while offering no protection whatsoever to either the buyer or the seller.

    14 (fourteen) complete, new, original sets available on a first come, first served basis. Once they are gone, they are gone. (As opposed to what?...) I'll post here periodically how many are still left.

    Questions welcome, either here or PM. Thanks.
  2. 2 sets have been sold. Hmm... pretty slow so far, after 4 days.

    What is it... not enough pairs of eyeballs yet? (117 views right now.) Or price still too high? Or maybe just not a whole lot of interest on ET in this well-regarded course? Or something else? Talk to me.
  3. Rip off.
  4. Thanks for your detailed, informative reply.
  5. Perhaps I am mistaken, but my understanding is that Mr. Schwager is a far better interviewer of traders than he is a trader. I don't recall either his personal trading or that of his fund to have been particularly notable. Perhaps his "how-to" courses should be limited to developing superior interviewing skills? Just an off-the-cuff observation.