The Jack Hershey Public Record Thread

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  1. Jack said before he was cut off recently that he plans a ten city tour for which he needs a public record of his trade calls as supporting evidence of the veracity of his method. This is it, should he choose to use it. I suggest that critics, of whom I will be one, confine themselves to comments and suggestions which will help make Jack's calls totally unambiguous and therefore verifiable.
  2. What I am hoping for is simple posts like "long ESM3 at 11:32 ET at the bar opening price of 1545.75". With accurate time stamping on ET to verify timeliness.
  3. Time stamp check: I am posting this at 11:42 ET.

    Edit: the ET time stamp shows 11:39. Not good for verification.
  4. @ 46.2 @ lock in of OB. trade is long reversal on bar 25.

    Two points on bar 25 because it is OB. The advent causes two event.

    My log was noting seconds @ 170 for a potential PP3 very high probability dictated by volume

    @ 121 seconds I noted a PP3 with high probability as dictated by volume.

    At second 84 the lock in occurred so I reversed.@ the lock in value with a probability of 100%.

    As is seen there are two 100% corrolated facets on this trade. A P3P which is an End Effect named PP3 which is part of the first band of EE's called the PP band which stends for Pre Primary.

    I track a trading fractal. It has a faster fractal where sub trading fractals are monitored during the third move of a "normal " trend.

    there is also a slower fractal which bounds the "cycling of the trading fractal.

    There have been negative comments on why I still log after 55 years of trading. I log to form a visual memory in my mind. This memory is on two levels: 100 parts are subconsciious; 1 part is conscious. This is a way to support my mind. When I sleep my mind works continually to build the "connections" I need to have shortcut thinking.

    Above you see that type of logging that covers that I know I have the ability to vall turns (reversals).

    most do not want to read my posts. They are too long. Heads hurt and a subjunctive suggestion is made in their unconscious. It is very bad news. Syndromes appear for them.

    ET is a pure record of assorted minds. As suggested, my mind can be compared to other mathematicians.

    So I throw humor into my posts for those who know mathematics.

    Braithwaite was a cool cat, He did bandwidth theory. My dad has the patents on an application. He invented finding breaks in telephone wires and calbes. He used bandwith shifts as radar in wires and times the reflection (plus transmission) to get the location so repairs could be made.

    Two line theory is the first application of data graphics to markets. I apply two to the data of OOE's of trends and the OOE's of End Effects.

    So trade 7 shows this and I joked with joe before the disruption thread was disrupted (two wrongs make a WRONG in problem solving since absolute values do not apply).

    for me this infomation theory affords me the chance to carve turns. And you see the basis above.

    I "funneled" the opportunities for you to read. If I were in the groove, I would use the logic of "who cares what EE; JUST DO IT. I feel that being a good sport is better though. I may pick up a few more helpers to solve PTSD for children of vets who are fucked at thing p[oint and their families are crying .....crying ..thier brown eyes are blue .... daddy got back but the patriot his is not being given even a chance to be daddy again a milliion times over.

    I am talented and skilled and I am a top mathematician. So I reach way out there with tears in my eyes too .... I deal with PTSD every day ...... My wife has heavy metals toxins reacheing her mind ..... we do blood panels every two weeks as she keeps her place in line a Mayo. Here original surgeon is almost unable to go on he is so broken mentally by the fuck up of the FDA.

    We are the 99% we are OCCUPY We must take money out of Wall Street and put it on Main Street.

    Take a chance on me.

    work your ass off to get your barin to be sharpe.

    You CAN do the monitoring and analysis. Look at my logs that were NOt deleted.

    You CAN see a P2 between two T1's

    you can see volume droop and see a new T! to form three T1's.

    You can se a price bar stick out below the a spike take price to peek out above the priior high. It "locks in" to be an OB.

    this lockins the PP3 and a new P1 to bgin the long.

    I am a mathematician who is showing how the future is going to happen for making money.

    I am calling myself a "logi-col-ol-a-gist. LOL ...
  5. True ET dos not have a time clock. Use the offset ET thinks is more important.

    Here is Doaks 1

    note the rarely occuring Ag

    the Aa's have a typo lol A is H .... HVBO
  6. didn't stick
  7. @ 6 seconds on bar 35 reverse long @ 45.2
  8. doaks 2 shows the short to long.

    before that you can see the Ae 2 T1's A band reversal as a JVBO violation of the A band.

    In trends there are patterns. So far the babsis of all patterns has not been made public.

    so you get to see and feel this type of forwarding in the mathematics of the financial industry.

    the A band is the tend "overlap band.

    All trends overlap.

    a prior trend fails but its geometric and volume container remains.

    the new tend has o prove itself by becoming independent (See clean page 4 proof).

    Band A gets viiolated. there are many ways to do this. collect each of them as a subset of End Effects which have this unique bandwidth characteristic.

    to st up my calls and have a time check I will post the mathematics of the probability subsequently.

    In a few days you will get to understand the new meaning of high probability.
  9. didn't stick.
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