The Jack Hershey Live Trading With RedDuke Thread

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  1. Since Jack avers that he never starts threads, I have taken the liberty of creating this thread as a venue for RedDuke's ongoing exchanges with Jack about how, when and where to facilitate proof of Jack's intraday methods by a live trading demonstration. ET breathlessly awaits proof of "Always in, no stops, never a loss, 3X-6X daily range, tomorrow's newspaper today."
  2. I have a bucket of popcorn.
    All ready for the movie but so far nothing but trailers.
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    LOL...I have to stop reading ET while having my lunch, now my d**n keyboard is covered in diet coke spray!
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    3x to 6x daily range:confused: Sign me up :D
  5. Patience. The principals were working on the details of the venue in an obscure ChitChat thread that as a public service I vowed to bring to wider attention for the benefit of all here. A momentous event unfolds. When Moses wanted to talk to Yahweh, he climbed a mountain and set a bush afire. This thread is Jack's mountain. The bush burns.
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    The burning bush will go full Brazilian before Jack finally hammers out the details, by which time we'll all be too old or too dead to care.
  7. WOW!! Just...WOW!!!.... :eek:

    This is totally AWESOME that JH has decided to do this....

    (Pinky agrees and says - "That's a BIG CHEESE!!" :D )
  8. Well of course we owe Jack our thanks for his continuing magnaminity, but RedDuke deserves much credit for patiently drawing Jack out with his respectful questions and obvious need for a live trading demonstration to cement his understanding of the intraday method. And certainly ET has contributed by giving Jack a repectable venue to reach out to new traders in need of mentoring. Over twelve years of service to the trading community.
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    Let's just hope Jack fares better than he did in that challenge back in 2002.

    Hey, that's another reason to do this. The 10th anniversary of Jack's epic live trading fail.
  10. Indeed. I have much interest in this live trading demonstration because I incorporated many of Jack's maxims into my own trading over the years, though perhaps not in ways that he would approve of. For example, I do not use stops. I let the trade run until the entry signal is invalidated, if not necessarily by a reversal signal. I also never have a loss. This is harder to do, but I mastered the art by only scalping momo moves in the morning. These two practices clearly prevent me from being "always in" and from achieving multiples of the daily range. Also, I adapted his concept of volume "pace" to know when not to trade, although that's not how Jack uses it. I never could get the hang of the Dow leading, but I ultimately found another price measure which often performs the same function. I was just too plain stupid ever to be able to see DOM walls, but I knew it must be true, so I invented something that seems to reveal the same process. And finally, after many years of struggling with the PV relation, I reinvented it so that something like it works for me. So, you see, if not for Jack, I might have cut five years off of my trading education.
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