The Ivanovich Memorial Thread - Ivan has left the building...

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by retaildaytrader, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. This was not formerly announced by Baron or Joe, but Ivanovich has resigned from Elitetrader. I know there was a lot of beef the various aliases had with him out there for his aggressive moderating style and the way he moved all the bits from the trading section to chit-chat.

    Well, Ivanovich, it was great while it lasted...I thought you did a good job and am disappointed that Baron did not have the decency to have a going away ceremony or to, at the very least, take you out for some very cheap beer.

    I will remember you in my own way...

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    The dude was hands on. Maybe mgmt. did not like the visibility. Especially with all the crybabies around here.
  3. For the record, Ivan was not booted, but resigned. He did make a post in regards to his new status here saying that he was simply tired of doing it.

    I saw how he was on here for several hours a day and that was his issue. Hours behind a screen chasing after endless trolls and troublemakers. Lets face it. There are 5 billion people in the world with more and more coming online each day. Out of that 5 billion there are thousands upon thousands of trolls which many are attracted to this site.

    Getting at the troll issue cannot be done through strict moderation (the moderator eventually gets tired), IP banning (there are subscription proxy services which give you a new IP every 30 minutes), etc. The real way to get at the issue is for text-message or credit-card verification of all new aliases. Text-message verification is what google does along with many other sites. i.e. they send you a code via text message and then you have to type the code into a verification box on the site.

    However, trolls seem to make this site just like legit posters. The trolls make for lots of webhits.
  4. I think the time has come for a gonzo moderator. I nominate Arthur Deco. Verifiably trades. Knows rigorous systematic trading. Has trading psych down cold. Has nothing better to do. Track record of mercilessly and eloquently bitch-slapping obnoxious posters. But is nobody's bitch himself. Already well-known to be a jerk, so ET will have no unfounded high expectations. Is a chronic insomniac, which will cure the issue of asshole foreigners polluting the board overnight. The only problem is that he would have to un-ignore half the posters here.
  5. Ivanovich and I haven't always agreed on things, but I think he's okay. Notwithstanding his politically conservative views, of course.

    The thing I could never quite figure out is why there would be conservative moderators to begin with. Or, to the extent that there are conservative moderators, why they actually do anything. As I understand it, the conservative Right is not big on regulation. It is more about laissez-faire and the Invisible Hand. Surely a conservative moderator true to his own beliefs would do the right thing in all instances: nothing. Because market forces, supply and demand, and all manner of apple pie would necessarily set all threads onto their best and proper course more effectively and efficiently than any amount of regulatory interference. Right?
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    He was just trying to keep things "fair and balanced".
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    It's an American thing.
  8. Just like you're an American thing?
  9. Lucrum


    Your country envy is showing again.
  10. Let's call this the Palin Fallacy. Just as Dr. Laura Schlesinger's Constitutional rights weren't violated when her listeners complained about her crazed rant, after which society at large kibbitzed on her craziness and decided she was wacky, so too Ivan - and Baron - are (or were, in the case of Ivan) well within their rights to ban, spindle, fold and mutilate anyone they feel like, because this is a private enterprise, not a public one. Free speech exists here only to the extent it advances the cause of enriching the owners. If it doesn't, they might or might not decide to leave you alone. If you decide to go against the interests of the site owners, you lose your posting privilege, because, just like driving, it's a privilege, not a right.
    The Invisible Hand is a comment on competition providing the maximum outlet to the maximum number. But if your local barber decides he doesn't like you and doesn't want your business, tough. You'll need to find someone else to cut your hair.
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