The Islamic Republic of Egypt

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    Barrack Obama is working hard behind the scenes to topple this evil dictatorship in Egypt and replace it with a proper hardcore islamofascist junta.

    The Obama administration is hopeful that they can help extend the Islamic Caliphate to Egypt and Yemen by summer. "We think we can get a proxy war started between Hamas, Hezbollah and Israel this year" adding "there is a real possibility Iran, Syria and Egypt would attack simultaneously too".

    The adminstration might be able to add "helped destroy Israel" as the crown jewel to its long list of accomplishments right beside "took over the US healthcare system and socialized it".

    If Barrack Obama is reelected that probably means the end of Israel and its 5.7 million inhabitants.

    As a white man I am vaguely aware that blacks are not fond of jews but I had no idea that would be carried through to genocide. I suppose American jews will continue to vote for Obama regardless. Astonishing.

    Or alternatively Israel will unleash its nuclear weaponry on Cairo, Damascus, Tehran, Riyadh etc and the whole region will become a smoking crater. I wonder who the survivors will blame?
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    Just posted this to another thread:

    The problem is that the people who will end up in charge will probably be worse, these middle eastern arab countries just go from 1 shit head leader to another, i almost think that as it stands right now they are incapable of living in a democracy, atleast the dictators keep the religious fanatics somewhat in check, because they know that if they dont they piss the world off, and they will lose their power.

    I imagine what will end up happening is a new even more radical fanatical muslim cleric or someone else will end up in charge of the country. I would be worried right now if I was living in Israel, they could be facing a war from all fronts very soon. Atleast the U.S. could keep Mubarek from going into a full scale war with Israel, the same can not be said if some radical who wants to wage Jihad ends up in charge.

    I cant understand why the U.S. wanted this to happen, unless it was infact to wipe out Israel, does the government really think that Egypt is somehow going to become some fantastic peaceful western style democracy?

    Until the fanatical muslim leaders are either all wipe out, or else completely shunned by moderates nothing will change, because the fanatic leaders are bullies, and they just take control of the moderates.
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    Excellent post.

    But I would ask, are the only two choices :

    1) Secular Police State?
    2) Islamic Police State?

    I mean, are arabs or persians not capable of some representative government like democracy or some mix?

    Can we cite a single peacefully ruled arab or persian country?

    I can't think of one.
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    lol :D
  5. No we are not white zionist trash...Stay toned.
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    The Coptic Church was founded in Egypt, especially after the Council of Nicea. A huge amount of Christian tradition goes back centuries in Egypt. This is not your typical ME country by any means.
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    Its just that you folks seem to *require* a police state. There doesn't seem to be much in the arab or persian character as far as self-regulation of behavior or any self-imposed civilized norms. You seem to require someone with a baton to keep you from doing really awful things to one another.

    In my little town we do not even have any law enforcement at night yet we manage to not slaughter each other like animals.

    I'm just trying to think if there is any arab country on earth that exhibits the least bit of civility. I just can't come up with any. Perhaps you know of one.
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    I would probably go with secular, though it would probably end up creating more violence if a bunch of different religions mixed right off the bat, if you gave it a century or so you might actually have the chance of getting a much larger sampling of moderates, and other religions involved, and you could then slowly work on shunning the radical fanatics, by giving moderates a louder voice and making them unacceptable.

    Only peaceful arab country i can think of off hand would be Dubai, but they have a very good reason to keep it that way, they want to be the banking center for the middle east, as well as an international center for commerce to take place. So they know if they end up like one of these other shit holes that will be an impossibility.

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    Isn't Dubai a bit of a police state?
  10. Exactly!

    1- New Orleans
    2- Los Angeles
    3- Detroit
    4- Harlem

    That is when the US has the biggest military and Law enforcement.


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