The IRS needs to fix their proposed regulations for the Net Investment Tax

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  1. The IRS needs to fix their proposed regulations for the Net Investment Tax

    Blog May 1, 2013. By Robert A. Green, CPA with assistance on tax research from Mark Feldman, JD

    Traders, get ready to pay thousands of dollars in new Medicare taxes on phantom unearned income in 2013. The IRS doesn’t care if you lost money on trading and investments; its new proposed regulations (REG–130507–11) will tax you anyway.

    The proposed regulations are wrong in our view, and we need to work together to ask Treasury to fix them before they become final......

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  2. bat1


    The government wants total control of you!
    and everything you own and do!

  3. Bob111


    s***t. the whole tax code use to be couple hundreds pages. now this 'proposed rule' alone takes almost 50. Thanks a lot Mr President for 'simplicity and fairness'
  4. Eight


    Blow it off... The Russians declared land reform in Poland. The Poles blew it off and kept on farming their own plots of land.

    The US is just becoming a horrible place really. GMO foods? Really, that's what we need to fuel our pursuit of happiness? The Public Sector's budgets total more than half the GNP? We need all that Public Sector shit? Ever-greater jobless recoveries and ghettos full of welfare recipients? Really, that's a good way to go?