The irony of Liberal Islamo-fascist apologists

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  1. 377OHMS


    Libs supporting and defending Islamists.

    What is wrong with this picture? God.

    Libs spend a great deal of time refudiating God and religion and any form of worship. Yet the godless liberals defend and promote the Islamists under whose rule they would be FORCED to convert, accept God and worship piously and regularly.

    Islam has little tolerance for liberal idiosyncrasies like homosexuality or militant feminism. Their very existance is denied and they are mostly executed when identified. Same for drug users, pornographers and hipsters. There goes the entire San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles! The mullahs would burn the place.

    How well would the morals and practices of San Fransisco hold up under the scrutiny of the Caliphate? Again, the place would probably be "cleansed" with fire for the good of the theocracy.

    So, aside from the destruction of the United States, how is it that liberals benefit from their support of Islamo-fascism?
  2. that's easy

    they both hate America

    /end of thread

    edit: ok, sorry - poor reading comprehension
    i'l just .. be quiet now
  3. 377OHMS


    I get that but they would be destroyed in the same process. So you're saying liberals are suicidal? Its a suicide-homicide?
  4. Since when have liberals been logical? It's all about feelings and imagined moral superiority.
  5. Liberals aren't smart enough to see this.