the "irony guy" returns....

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  1. ...if Ron Paul had won the republican ticket. He would be ahead of obama today...every day the economy collapse...Ron Paul would get a bost.

    Instead, you dumb ass republicans selected a bottom 5% and an Alaskan dumb MILF to be your candidates....
    They deserve to be a history for a 100 years....
  2. If Ron Paul had been the nominee the press would have had a field day with his racist newsletters and his economic policy of moving to the gold standard when there isn't enough gold to back the currency.
  3. maybe gold standard is just a symbolic statement, backing a currencly with more tangible stuff is not a bad idea, right now tha USD is only held up as it is a world's currency and the Yen and Euro is also in trouble.....racist, fuck man, you are stupid to say that. He is a person who calls it the way he sees it, I am not sure what the fuck are you babbling about.
    The biggest plus for Ron Paul is that he actually sees that USA needs to fix their own fucking house first and then worry about the world. Things as usuall DO NOT WORK, NO MORE! We are corrupt to the core and only a big ugly depression will fix that and then we be lucky to have Paul unless we get stuck with the next adolph hitler (which is a clear danger)
    McCain and the whole fucking GOP is phoney, bunch of outdated assholes - deserved to be HISTORY!
  4. Gold is not the only worthwhile commodity - and it is silly to put all the stakes into one bet like that. A basket of commodities is much more sane - and weighting can be adjusted as well - i.e reality can be reflected much better.

    I've never seen anything remotely racist coming from Ron Paul, and he seems far to intelligent to go down that road.
  5. I would never count on Ron Paul.


    Because he lacks the number 1 ability a politician needs:

    The ability to get elected.

    f you can't get nominated or elected, what good are you?
  6. The US campaign financing and the two-party system in the US are beyond corrupt...
  7. Then make your own party.
  8. For those who aren't aware of Ron Paul's racist writings, simple Google "Ron Paul" and "Racist."

    To this day he absolutely refuses to release his past newsletters, and only a couple have leaked out. He, naturally, blamed an underling for one article, even though it quotes his long time personal friend in San Fransisco by name and is written under his name.

    And if we're going to choose insane, crazy, arbitrary commodities to back a currency, I vote for pork bellies.
  9. The game is fixed, there is no need for a new party. The rigged game must be stopped. It is beyond cosmetic fixing... I mean every fucking incumbent asshole in DC is to be jailed (OK 99%). I mean JAILED for traison and corruption - just for being there!
    We need someone to go in there and clean the f'ing house. Vote for me and I will do it! :)
  10. I doubt its fixed. 4 years ago I bet no one (including dem party) would have thought Obama would be the candidate.
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