The IRC "Othernet" network

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by cashmoney69, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. I'm trying to get into #Futurestraders on the IRC network "Othernet", but cant seem to connect to the server.

    Any other traders having this problem?

    - nathan
  2. I just tried. Could get onto othernet and onto #trade.

    Added #Futurestraders and was the only person there.

    I couldnt see it on the channels list. Did you mean #futurestrades
  3. Hi cashmoney69,

    Even if you mistyped the name of any room on the Othernet server...

    It will still log into the wrong room as if the room existed and you will most likely be the only one in the room with a @ next to your name.

    However, if you log into a room correctly, you will see a @X in the room and a @ next to your name.

    @X implies the room is registered and implies you typed the name correctly.

    Yet, if your unable to get into a room...could be a firewall problem, ISP problem (some ISPs are banned due to excessive spammers using that particular ISP to spam trading rooms on the Othernet server), internet security problem et cetera.

    Also, even if the Othernet itself didn't ban a particular ISP...the moderator of any particular room can still ban a particular ISP to prevent the spammer from accessing his/her room.

    Yet, in situations like that, the spammer can still go to other rooms until the Othernet folks gets involved to make it a network wide ban.

    Unfortunately, an ISP ban prevents other traders that are not spammers from using these IRC trader rooms.

    Regardless, the below link is the browser log in method for those that prefer to use their browswer instead of an IRC software.

    If you still can't get in via the browser log-in link while others can...

    It's your firewall, ISP or something else like a port problem.

    Try using a different IRC software because there are many ones on the market.

    I've heard some having problems with log-ins via one type of software and not via another type of IRC software.

    Last of all, if you can get into #futurestraders...

    Type the command line /list as a message in the room...

    It will list all the public rooms that are available and a few of the private rooms that want to be seen.

    The best rooms are either private or don't want to be seen if they are public...reason why a lot of rooms aren't in the list.

    It's the weekend and most rooms should be empty. :cool: