The Iraq War Will Ultimately Cost 2-3 Trillion

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  1. And that doesn't include the epic tragedy of dead soldiers, civilians, or those who are walking wounded for the rest of their lives...all because of a useless war, thanks to a corrupt VP & DoD, and incomptent Prez.

    I am posting this to put the piece of shit that is the Stimulus Package into context, to ease the pain, when it ultimately passes.
  2. Exactly. When I hear Boehner say OH my God, I think where were the theatrics when the Bush shit was going on. Compared to the trillions in wages lost and investment lost and trillions on needless war and all the rest of the Bush legacy, this pales in comparison. Well maybe not pales but you know what I mean. But I have to give the republicans credit when due, and they are due some credit now for their civil and intelligent talk. It's a nice change to hear them talking about actual issues instead of the name calling, using liberal like the N word and family values and cut and run and all the other bullshit catch phrases of the last 8 years. You might not realize it but Obama could be the best thing to happen to politics in a long time.
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    To put the war in terror in context, we've spent Many trillions on the war on poverty since Johnson, and now Obama wants to up the ante considerably. Please note that we have not won the war on poverty.

    Just to put in all in context, and ease the pain. lol
  4. Why aren't you complaining about the .85 trillion dollar stimulus package?

    Why aren't you complaining about the plans for afghanistan?

    Oh ya thats right, you're a brain dead liberal.
  5. You're such a pussy. It'd be so much cheaper to the American taxpayer to throw the settlers out of Palestine and give back that land to the Palestinians. You piece of shit NAZI.
  6. The use of the term liberal, lefty, etc, is lazy, I'm guilty also when I say neo con, or righty, or a number of the other derogatorily terms I've used. Hopefully I'll start exercising some control and discipline and instead of criticizing a group be able to criticize the idea or action. I don't know who you were addressing, but I'll assume it might might be me. From what I've heard and read the stimulus package is more of the same old wasteful spending we've seen the last decade coming out of congress. Afghanistan, that's where the bad guys are isn't it? What is your problem with Afghanistan policy? I don't know what you mean by brain dead and liberal, unless your just mad and venting.
  7. Take a xanax.

    Oh and thanks for the persuasive facts that help your argument.

    Read that bitch.

    I invite you to find some evidence that Obama's Afghanistan policy will not cost as much or even more than Iraq.
  8. First of all it's not easy at all, second why would we do that? It's not like the palestinians will turn their desert into a garden like the jews did, they will turn the garden Israel built into a desert, it's not like they'll build a democracy like Israel did, they'll create another Hamastan or Taliban, it's not like they'll build factories and preach tolerance in their mosques, they'll build terrorist networks and teach hatred of the west.

    PS just out of curiosity, by settlers do you mean all Israelis or just those in the West Bank? Your Hamas buddies usually mean all Israel when they talk about settlers.
  9. If you have Bush derangement syndrome and lose your ability of living a normal life when you hear Rush Limbaugh say something that bothers you than you are a liberal.

    In other words all their energy is spent on nothing that matters.

    Look at Omega. My negative comments about Obama's foriegn policy costing as much or more than Bush's ran him straight up a wall. He becomes so emotional that he can't even think logically enough to go look up some evidence that correlates with his very shallow argument.

    About the actual argument. I was pointing out the numbers. I was not debating whether afghanistan was a good idea or not but would be happy too.
  10. And Lawrence Lindsey was fired from Treasury at the behest of Rumsfeld for the suggestion that it may cost 100 billion.


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