"The Investor" AKA The poor man's hedge fund

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by eagle488, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Sometimes when I meet people in my community, they say that they have an "investor" who they send their cash to. These people are usually working class citizens who make less than 60k per year.

    I have never asked, but have always been curious. Who is this "investor"? I've always assumed that these guys work the same way as a hedge fund but on a smaller scale.

    How much cash can be made by becoming the "investor"? It seems to me that its another name for "stock broker", but for some reason no one uses that term anymore.

    Im not sure how the "investor" markets himself. It almost seems like this seedy underground operation the way these people make it out to be.

    When the blue collar masses need cash its the loan shark and when they need to invest it goes to the "investor"...what happened to just sending your cash to Vanguard. . .
  2. Judging from your "Wall Street Wizards" journal, you could make millions becoming such an investment advisor!
  3. Hehe. My problem is not my knowledge base or skill-set. I tend to piss people off too much, thats the biggest problem.

    The key to Warren Buffet is his cool hand and laid back demeanor. He convinces people to stay with him even in the bad times. His Berkshire Hathaway has only returned 10% each year for the last 7 years, but investors still swear by him. Im not laughing at 10%, but its not a return where I would carry Warren out of the room on my shoulders.

    Even if I was giving these guys a 100% return, they would probably still send in the redemption request. It doesnt matter to me though;) At this point in life, I could care less.

    Every one of these outfits needs a face-man. As for skill to get the return, I dont think thats the problem. A woman named Anne Scheiber, an IRS tax auditor, was able to turn $5000 into $54 million with simple strategies.

    If this simple woman with a government job was able to turn $5000 into $54 million, then I want to see twice that out of you. Nope. No excuses. I want the money on my desk and we will count it together. If you have not made the goal, then I will take it for safe keeping. When you have made your goal, then I will make sure to return your cash to you. I dont want to hear anymore, now go, there is lots of cash to make.