The Investment Currency Mechanism, the UK and the Financial Transaction Tax.

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  2. "The relationship with America and Oil is synergistic and perpetuating. It provides stability for the US dollar, which then provides a demand from the seller of oil to hold the US dollar due to its stability. It has been one of the main reasons for the economic strength of America for the last hundred years."


    So I can make the assumption that energy independence for the US is a negative for our currency?

    Those dang oils speculators are quite the patriots.
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  4. The problem is not energy independence. It is whether people trade whatever energy in your dollars. This is main reason there were wars in the middle east. Iraq was trading oil in euro's also Iran is selling oil to India and others in gold. Big trouble in little baghdad.

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  5. Seriously did you think it was good article?
  6. I thought it was well written. You did a nice job of blending US and the UK points of view.The article was informative for the type of reader of the Huff Post as opposed to say writing for other academics or some think tank blather.

    Also, being able to identify your reader and writing to the audience you did a good job.

    After finishing the article the impression I had was "tell me more". This is a good thing.

    Maybe that would be a writing niche where you explore UK policy with US and the current global situation. This might be a way to separate yourself from the pack of mainstream economists.
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