The intraday is a casino

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by TTT, Dec 18, 2018.

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    Try to to include useful information in your future posts.
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  2. not even close.go to the casino and get back with no underwear.not the case with intraday trading.
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    TTT said:
    I am on strike.
    If the high-frequency machines do not let me earn my living ... very well, then let them fight each other.
    I will not let them steal my children's bread.
    how did you arrive at that conclusion?
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    Wrbtrader, what you have to do is tell us how you do.
    At least some master tips;)
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    You were already told what to do by others here at the forum although you did not ask for advice. You were just giving your opinion that intraday trading is not successful.

    I strongly agree with should stay away from intraday trading.

    My tip is the same tip that others have already given to you...continue with your swing trading because you said you were profitable.

    This is not rocket science. Keep doing what works for you (swing trading) and stop doing what does not work for you (intraday trading). It's really that simple.

    I thought you were listening to other ET members but then you disappear for awhile but then returned to say "intraday trading was easy". Now recently you're saying "intraday trading is a casino".

    My advice to you is to really listen to what others here have been telling you. Stay away from intraday trading...its not suitable for you and you should not be worried about it. Just keep working with your swing trading or whatever it is that you're trading when you said you were profitable with that other type of trading.

    Here's a funny story. Recently I was having pain in my lower back when I jumped up to dunk a basketball. I was showing my son how to do it. The pain in my lower back was very intense when I dunked. It prompt me to go to the doctor's office.

    He examine me...had some xrays taken. An hour later after he got the results, he looked at me and said simple words...

    Stop dunking the basketball and you'll be ok. ;)

    P.S. I'm back to playing hockey & lacrosse/ back pains

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    By the way, I want to remind you of this rude reply you recently gave me...

    Seriously, stay away from intraday trading and just keep doing what has been working (profitable) for you. Not sure why you're attacking another member's grandmother. :rolleyes:

    Out of curiousity, what's your native language ?

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  7. TTT,

    You have to be open to advice buddy. I trade intraday and I enjoy it.

    Please explain why you don't like intraday. What are you doing without going into detail? Overtrading, undertrading, self doubt, enter too late, enter too soon, exit too late, exit to soon, over thinking, under thinking, something not making sense. Too many indicators, not enough indicators. Bought a system that is not working. Reading a book method, that is not making money. Don't have any money. Have too much money. Maybe you bought a method and your maybe going through drawdown. Maybe your method (fixed stop loss and fixed target) is not matching market dynamic changes at the moment. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe + 100 more maybe. You have to state atleast 1 or 2 problems you having.

    What is going on with you so someone can help you.

    The ET members are really good with helping me because I ask direct questions seeking an open helpful view. Maybe the response from the ET member is good, or bad, or whatever, but atleast its a response. This way I help myself better.

    P.S. You may have a money making trading casino, but could just be lacking confidence.
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    Some helpful advice...

    It is important to understand that YOU, and ONLY YOU, took your children's bread and dipped your hand into a pool of sharks and pirahnas trying to catch a small fish. You are lucky you still have your hand.
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    Sorry wrbtrader, I should not tell you that, you always try to help.
    I was angry.
    It is painful to lose the money that costs so much to earn.
    My deepest apologies.
    Maybe you're right, the intraday is not for me.
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    Spanish, wrb
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