The intraday is a casino

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  1. TTT


    I am a normal worker, mechanic to be concrete, I can not risk losing what little I have. I have children to support. I will continue with the long term, it is the only way to win. Intradia is not for me. I've tried it and it has not gone well. I accept it. If you have succeeded, very well, I am happy for you. Today I was angry, last week I lost a lot of money with the intraday. Good luck for all of you. Goodbye friends.
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  2. Hello TTT,

    I can tell you this:

    The more and more and more I day trade and take my own manual trades, I realize the problem is not the market, the problem is ME. I have to be better and accountable in this journey. I have to take 100% responsibility in my learning to day trade if I want to be successful. Worrying about if intraday trading is like a casino or easy or hard or this or that is a waste of time.

    Don't worry about if intraday is like a casino, focus on consistently taking money from the casino.
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  3. TTT,

    Your situation is no different from mine or any other person.

    If you don't want to lose money, stop losing money and trade paper/sim and practice until you prove to yourself you can trade profitable consistently.
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  4. REDP1800


    paper trading only teaches you bad habits.. it is not real..when are people going to learn this..lmao paper trading
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  5. TTT


    Be careful simplemelike, throw me to real because it was very good in simulated ...
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  6. wrbtrader


    Only use a simulator to familiarize yourself to a new broker trade execution platform or test a new change in your trade method after backtesting...both of which should take 1 - 2 months.

    After 2 months of simulator trading, its time to traverse into small size real money trading via the minimum size. Simply, the longer you stay on the simulator with a trade execution platform you know very well or with a trade method you know very well...

    Simulator trading will result in too many psychological problems when traversing into real money trading.

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  7. Thank you wrbtrader and I appreciate you for the comments.

    I am working on building up a small size trading capital now. I will be live in about a month. Gotta get Christmas out of the way.

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  8. qlai


    Wish you all the best. May I ask for how long have you tried?
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  9. southall


    Agree, because if you know what you are doing you get to be the casino.
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  10. I couldn't agree more.
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