The intraday is a casino

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    WRBTRADER, If the signatures of HFT are closing ... What chance does a retailer have?
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    I do not understand your question.

    If you want...its OK to write in your native language and I will use a translator to understand it.

    I suspected you tried HFT on your own without knowing you didn't have the proper tools to get involved with it. Heck, I'm willing to bet that you don't even live near the exchange of the index futures you've tried trading.

    If you're just talking about your chances as a day trader and not about your chances as a HFT retail trader that's using algorithms...I doubt you're talking about algorithm trading because you never used those words and you do not seem like the type that's into algorithm trading.

    Edit: You posted an image of the stoxx50...that's Euronext. I thought the Euronext has limitations on HFT...a rule that was passed a few years ago by the governing body. Something similar to the limitations currently in place in Asia markets.

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    Only a stupid puts money there
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  5. d08


    1. Lose money (this is hard, not sure it can be done).
    2. Have a short winning streak (this is so easy, I'm going to be so rich).
    3. A big drawdown arrives (this is impossible, it's all impossible!).
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  6. zdreg


    you are offering excuses for your faults as trader. it is rather pathetic.
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    and that is exactly what over 200 hedge funds have said this year. you are not alone.
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  8. They


    Conclusion, don't trade like those 200 Hedge Funds.
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    It isn't just trading it is the fact that the space is not regulated like you think it is or should be..
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    you are likely misinterpreting the poster"they said". his comment is not asking for more regulation. maybe you are talking about TTT.
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