The intraday is a casino

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    Explain this story to your grandmother, maybe you cheat her. You will not cheat me.
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    It does not matter, the robots make trading with cheaper commissions. Try 1000 ways. It will not win. A lost game for the retailer.
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    Day trading is not casino.

    extremely difficult to profit from casino.

    It is relatively easy and simple to earn money by day trading.
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    Don't forget...many documentations & arcticles posted at this forum that HFT firms are losing in their trading the past recent years but they are well capitalized...most can endure the loses or merge into another firm.

    Yet, if you're concerned about their advantages (e.g. commissions) should be more concerned about the more important advantages that HFT has over you.

    The times when they're able to make money...they are doing such in global macro, index arbitrage, volatility arbitrage, long/short equity and passive market making.

    In addition, they use ultra fast speed computer software and are smart enough to put their servers in the same neighborhood (within the same city) as the exchange of their high frequency trading to minimize latency delays. Seriously, how far do you live from the exchange that you're trading on ???

    Many argue that if you're not in the same city of the exchange you're planning to do HFT trading...don't bother...find something else to do.

    Then there's the issue of Quantum computing...oh boy...will financial institutions get access to it first or will the general consumer get access to it first or will it be a tie. :D

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    TTT, sometimes you are - no de mente sana.
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    While it is simple, and following a simple strategy is inherently easy, there's a huge disconnect between the truth in what you say based on your experience and the truth as new traders experience it. Yes, a system that works consistently is inherently simple and easy, otherwise it could not be consistently followed, or it would not have a consistent profitable relationship with ever-changing market conditions.

    Naturally, when you understand something, its simple to your mind and easy to use.

    But I'll bet most new traders are day-traders, and we know that most new traders fail within months if not sooner. So the wider, empirical truth is no, day-trading is not simple and easy.
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    You win
    They are absolutely right
    I am an idiot
    I do not know what I'm talking about
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