The intraday is a casino

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    Someone agrees?
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  3. tomorton


    Yes, but......

    Actually I am experimenting for about a week now with short-term entry orders set after the close just based on the day's high or low. Where these are triggered over-night and run me into a position which is not aligned with a strong trend, I am looking to exit on Day 1.

    But for new traders, day-trading as traditionally recognised is just too difficult for them to profit from and their real mistake isn't running their losers and cutting their winners or risking too much capital or being under-funded, its choosing day-trading.
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    It's as much a casino as swing.
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    I am on strike.
    If the high-frequency machines do not let me earn my living ... very well, then let them fight each other.
    I will not let them steal my children's bread.
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    It's not, lots of successful traders trade intraday.
  7. TTT


    How many ...... 0.00000000001%? The machines?
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    Were you trying to do discretionary trading on HFT timeframes? You should post a video on Youtube of yourself doing this, I'd watch that.
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    No one can trade as HFT due to commissions. The game is lost long before we start.
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    You have too many posts at this forum that intraday trading is can not be successful and then too many posts about how "easy" intraday trading is.

    Now you're on the "casino" theme.

    What's going on with you ?

    You're starting to look like when you lose money intraday attack it. Then when you making money praise how easy it is.

    Funny thing is while you're doing all of that also stated you're a profitable trader but not via intraday.

    I'm starting to think the problem is you...not the type of trading.

    P.S. There are retail algorithm traders at this forum...some of them have stated they're successful. You should comb thru the algorithm threads at this forum to see whom they are. You may get more traction with your strange messages about "no one can trade as HFT due to commissions" if you post that message at the below algorithm/automated thread.

    There only needs to be just "one" so that "no one" becomes a false statement. :D

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