The intifada in France continues- The country continues to live in denial.

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  1. Eurabia in trouble.

    Ongoing 'intifada' in France has injured 2,500 police in 2006

    This might have dropped below the radar, but Al Qaida and its allies are literally battling the Crusaders every day in Europe. And so far, Europe isn't doing so well.
    "We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists," said Michel Thoomis, secretary general of the Action Police trade union. "This is not a question of urban violence any more. It is an intifada, with stones and firebombs."

    The French Interior Ministry has acknowledged the Muslim uprising. The ministry said more than 2,500 police officers have been injured in 2006. This amounts to at least 14 officers each day.

    The battles have been under-reported but alarming to French authorities. Muslim street commanders, who run lucrative drug networks, have organized youngsters in housing projects to ambush police and confront security forces. The response time allows hundreds of Muslims to storm police cars and patrols within minutes.
    "You no longer see two or three youths confronting police," Thoomis said. "You see whole tower blocks emptying into the streets to set their comrades free when they are arrested."

    France's huge Muslim minority community has come under the influence of agents often influenced and financed by Al Qaida. These agents have recruited Muslim youngsters for urban warfare in which police and government representatives are injured daily.

    Not surprisingly, Muslim neighborhoods are becoming autonomous zones, with police and government workers too scared to enter. The police union is demanding the Interior Ministry supply officers with armored cars.

    European law enforcement sources say France could be a model for other countries. The most worried are Britain and the Netherlands.
  2. Sounds like the French better do something politically incorrect and start deporting a good number of them:

    ....France is probably the worst affected of all western nations by immigration, since it is on the brink of losing its European identity to the insistent Muslims increasing in numbers within French borders. As they grow in population, they come to believe they can impose the will of Islam on the French people, who seem rather unconcerned with the transformation.

    With a population of five million Muslims, France is holding a tiger by the ears. The threat of violence from radical Islamic elements cannot be far from politicians' minds. Wherever there are large numbers of Arabs, there is crime and violence, particularly against women.

    Just a few decades of high immigration of a group with high fertility has put France in the unenviable position of being the European nation thought most likely to be the first to introduce sharia (Islamic) law.....
  3. Note to France: Stand up now and fight for what's yours. The Americans aren't going to rescue you this time.
  4. That is one of the silliest posts I've read all day.

    First, alot of money, inteligence, and man time is being deployed in France to fight Islamic fanatic groups.

    Second, I am certain that the vast majority of the French do not wish to see another war any time soon, nor do they deem it necessary at this point.

    Third, this idea that France is a defenseless nation that loses wars regularly is perposterous and can only exist in the minds of those who are totaly ignorant of history. In fact, and definitely not to brag or anything, the "win loss" ratio that France has in war is far better than the U.S.

    It is funny how often I hear Americans speak of "saving France" in WWII (as if the U.S. did it alone) and how litle Americans remember just how many wars the US lost.

    Finally, one would be hard pressed to find an American who knew anything about French military history before WWI. ... hell, do the Americans forget that the French helped fight the British to free America ? Do Americans realise that the French were in Indo-China (Viet-Nam) for a longer time than the U.S. forces were there ?
  5. The problem is, it is difficult to deport you own nationals.... yes, alot of the "problem people" are French nationals, have never set foot in their ancestors land (Algeria, north Africa ...etc), so can not be deported anywhere. France does indeed deport undesirables. From what I've read here, it sounds like some think that France "welcomes foriegn terrorists"... that is far from the truth.
  6. Their probably still bitter , that one the biggest and best monuments to america was a gift from the frenchies.

    Its a good thing the us doesnt have a problem with religious fundamentalists:)
    Seriously though, id say most governments are petrified at this scale of violence, they simply dont know how to handle it, there hasnt been an original idea in the feild in eons.

    Water cannon, rubber bullets-or real bullets, as the south africans tried, but their not satisfactory electorally, and ineffectice in practice.
    Of course, their loath to deal with the underlying problem, because opportunities for pious soapboxing are a gem in the rough for most politicians.
  7. If you can't deport them you can at least stop importing them and castrate those who are french nationals and break the laws. Your problem will be sold in one generation.

    PS btw stop lying to yourself that these are social problems that can be fixed by providing jobs and better lives for poor young people. You're not fooling anyone but yourself, your problems are religious, your muslims don't want jobs, they don't want to be French, they want to own France... and it looks more and more likely that they will.
  8. We did stop importing then a few years after the Algerian war.

    Castration ? Yes, that is a possibility, but soo is the guillotine... The french society has decided that such harsh methods do not justify the menace. I am not intersted in a death penalty debate now. These choices are just the society's choices.

    "Lying to myself" ? Huh ? you must be mistaking me for someone else.
  9. Indeed. The hardline fanatic Christians in the US seem to be far more dangerous than the muslums in France. Just look where education for the American people is headed ("creationism"). What about violence ? .. well, I'm prety sure that the KKK and other fanatic groups (Bush administration, Oklahoma bomber...etc) in the U.S. have done more damage to the American society than the Arabs have done to French society.

    This whole thread is just turning into another stuning example of Americans believing that they have an ideal society and their will to impose/encourage their model of society on the rest of the world.

    America, clean up your own act at home before preaching to the rest of the world. Preaching and imposing your views on the rest of the world is part of the cause of growinhg anamosity towards the U.S.. Is that not quite clear yet ?
  10. That post is the ipitimy of generalisation. What if I were to tell you I am muslum ? Would you immediately think I was a terrorist not wanting to work and take over France ?

    The employment situation in France is drastic. 12% unemployment! There are many problems in France, but the religious problem is in fact very minor.

    What makes you think "they don't want to work" ? Did you ask all of them ? Have you conducted thourough research on the problem? Have you even ever been to France ?

    When you say "they", you make it sound as if there is a unique train of thought amongst muslums... when in fact, the Arab world is one of the least unified regions that exists. ... just look at all the battles amongst arab nations. Even OPEC is a fine example of the Arab world not being able arrive to a concensus. Depicting "muslums" as some unified group with a predetermined ambition ("owning france", "not wanting to work") and a unified desire of a unique social model is just a blatant show of ignorance of the Arab world.

    Far from being "all the same", the muslums are amongst the most disorganised and diverse cultures in the world... Tunisians, Iraqis, Saudis, Palestinians, .. etc. are all radicaly different in their social models, morality, education, economic models...etc. Hell, if all Muslums were the same, as you say, they would probably have a prety solid fonctionable society...which is far from the truth.

    Your comment is just as rediculous as saying "North Americans" (including Mexicans, U.S. nationals, Canadians, North American Indians and Inuits) all think the same way and all strive for a unique and identical social model.
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