The Internet Sales Tax Rush

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    "Every time Congress has taken a serious look at proposals to boost Internet sales taxes, it has rejected them. That's probably why pro-tax Senators are trying to rush through an online tax hike with as little consideration as possible."

    Fuck these money grubbers. It's the savings I get from internet purchases that allow me to stay within the confines of my budget, something congress is incapable of.

    I also like the fact I can get shit overnight and not wait for local brick and mortar to order it for me.
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    Todays WSJ has article on this and says some states may use this to pass a "Financial transaction tax".
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    Woo Hoo more taxes!
  5. The ruse they are using is to make it look like some business don't pay sales tax. Businesses do not pay sales tax. Customers do.

    Giant Corp lobbies Congress to tax us, while my new local Giant Corp pays no local taxes for the next 20 years so they can drive out local competition.
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    I haven't looked at this legislation, but if it doesn't REPLACE state sales taxes on items sold online it is just an unfair money grab by the Democraps.

    The only fair way to implement an online sales tax is to void all sales taxes currently in place on online sales.

    For instance, currently any internet sale sold to a person in the same state as the seller (provided this isn't a one time seller like a yard sale) is taxed by the state. Some states require that out of state retailers such as Amazon pay sales taxes on any sale to a resident of their state.

    I am in Texas and anything I purchase from Amazon is already taxed at the state (and I presume city) rate. If an internet sales tax would be on top of that it would be extremely unfair taxation.

    Internet sales already include a shipping charge (even if just built into the price) so, there really isn't an unfair advantage over brick and mortar that have to collect state sales taxes who don't have this individual sale shipping cost.

    An Internet sales tax is inevitable but it had better be done in a fair manner or there is going to be some political heads rolling over the furor not to mention the detrimental economic impact it will have.

  7. If you voted for Romney, hope that the internet sales tax fails.
    If you voted for Obama, you voted for every tax increase that passes.
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    I'm reminded of the days when, buying something through the mail, you were instructed, for example, "Ohio residents add 5%". Somehow we survived.
  10. Back in the day, Detroit Edison (power company) used to provide light bulbs for free if you were a customer. Guess who got pissed off? The retailers who tried to sell bulbs. The retailers fought Detroit Edison and they stopped providing free bulbs.

    Frankly, I'd rather have a free light bulb.

    Brick and mortar stores want to level the playing field via sales tax? Brick and mortar should be campainging against sales tax- period.

    We are fighting against each other to pay tax? What fools.
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