The internet needs to be censored

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  1. The web is being used as a forum by the lowliest lifes on the face of the earth to spread their evil pictures and messages.
    From videos glorifying terrorists and violence to gay and paedophile porn (often associated ) and bestiality, evil is at work on the internet. I am nowhere near being a religious conservative but I am with them on this and would encourage you to contact your congressman to enact legislation barring such horrors from being indexed or shown on Google and other search engines. Google does not even have a feature blocking access to porn and violence.
  2. LOL good luck enforcing that.

    I wouldn't be surprised to find out that 95% of the nasties out there aren't on web sites. They're on P2P (file sharing) networks like Gnutella and eDonkey.

    When people exchange data peer to peer it's almost impossible to detect or stop.
  3. you are talking about the illegal stuff. I am talking about what is currently legal.There are lots of paedophile and other sick sites
    that are out there and totally legal. You will come across those simply by searching for porn on Google. They operate just like the straight porn sites featuring "teens".
  4. Sure it does. See those two links called "Advanced Search" and "Preferences" right next to the Search button on any Google search or results page? Click on "Preferences", then pick one of the SafeSearch filtering options. You only need to do that once, for a given computer / browser combination (unless you've set up a particularly restrictive cookies policy). You can also modify the filtering options on an individual search basis, by clicking on "Advanced Search".

    That takes care of most sexually explicit material. As to blocking certain violent content... which many believe is far more harmful than most porn, especially to young, impressionable minds... while Google may not offer that out of the box, plenty of third-party, free or low-cost solutions do.
  5. I agree somewhat. I believe a lot of the problems I see in society to be either caused by or influenced by the spread of the internet. I figure it was around 1997-1998 that the world accelerated its decent into abyss. I also think television's expansion had a similar effect on culture and society. There are a lot of things I have learned about from the internet that I wish I never knew existed. Our innocence is corrupted sooner and faster because of the internet.
  6. Quit acting like a soccer mom and complaining about worthless nonsense. Seriously.. Yes, there is a ton of violence and porn and a lot of inappropriate crap on the net but the great thing about being a human being is that you have the mental capacity to look around that.

    GREAT idea, let's contact Congress and have MORE of our rights taken away. The Patriot Act wasn't enough for you huh?
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    Gay porn has nothing to do w/pedophile porn. Gay adults have as much right to get their rocks off as straight adults. If you wanna be a prude, call for a ban on all porn. Gays are not pedophiles.

  8. the 'teens' sites are lecit, models are 18yro the least, if that wasnt the case they wouldnt be up, trust me. but if u surf pedos sites u know u are been watched...all porn sites are all under surveillance and by no other than MI5 here in the uk and the CIA over where u are. matter of time before someone knocks your door and puts u away for good if u 'bump' into the wrong one.
  9. The internet is also being used to spread all kind of religious beliefs quickly, including the OP's conservative agenda.

    It boils down to... If you don't like what's on TV, don't watch or just change the channel.

  10. This is the politically correct rhetoric of social liberals against which noone wants to take a stand for fear of being labeled homophobic:

    1) Gays are just normal people
    2) there is no link between homosexuality and paedophilism

    well I suggest you just go see for yourself.

    How often do you see straight porn websites featuring violence, rape , incest and old men with very young girls ? I can't remember seeing any of this despite having spent a lot of time surfing porn.

    Go see what's being put out there for the gay market(You don't have to look for it actually, it 's only a matter of time
    before you run into this kind of material)
    All of the above and plenty of it. It's obvious there is a huge
    market for paedophiles and closeted jeffrey dahmers.

    Now as far as Google is concerned, there is no blocking feature with password such as Yahoo's. It's become impossible to do unfiltered searches without coming across some sickening material which is purposely put out by their authors to appear in unrelated searches.
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