The internet-Is it really that good?

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Is the internet actually all that great?

  1. Hell yeah, gaming, youtube, other crap-I'm addicted

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  2. A necessary evil.

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  3. I could live without it.

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  4. Whats the internet?

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  1. i'm coming around to the idea, that it actually just makes it too easy for stupid people to communicate.

    Could you live without it? What if it had never occured?
  2. I really enjoy reading people's opinions, prior to the internet I would pick up papers from around the country and read the editorials and letters to the editor first. The net has made this much easier.

    Secondly, I like to read the opinions of those who are involved in the market and how they view world events.

    I enjoy the easy access to academic papers and the generosity of others work that is posted. Basically, when the student has a question a teacher will appear.
  3. Eight


    If the choice was give up driving or give up the Internet.. I'd sell the car and upgrade the internet connection to FIOS...
  4. Well, I just found some great tip's/recipes for sauerkraut, I had no idea it was that easy to make.

    I'm excited, about cabbage!!!!

    Well, that's a phrase you wont hear again, anytime soon.
  5. We could live with out it, people lived for thousands of yrs without it. It would be an adjustment, but we'd manage.

  6. Like television, its what you pull out of it. When I was a kid I had sets of encyclopedia now I have Wikipedia. Before the net you didn't have all the world's knowledge at your fingertips. That and is there any television program in its history better than the Planet Earth documentary. Watching it in HD on my flat panel is gold.

  7. So true.
    When I was a kid, I read encyclopedia's and dictionaries for fun. Loved it.
    Tell a bored kid to read an encyclopedia now, your as likely to get shived as make a good impression.

    But , various WWF moves, from 80's television, certainly.....had an impact on my life, now, you got jackass movies and parkour, for kids to be hurting themselves doing.
  8. Seems to me its what happens to a culture left to the vagaries of a random unguided marketplace.

    Television and the Net are really magical opportunities when you keep them within substantive contexts. Veritable windows on our world; Star Trek-like technology to the mind of an 18th century pioneer. I for one would love to experience what the world will be like ten thousand years from now, if only to satisfy my curiosity. Its got to be better than having to go out back to fetch your water and to relieve yourself.