The internet could be made obsolete...

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by JayS, Apr 5, 2008.

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  2. Very vague article. While the last mile is copper, and likely to stay that way for some years at least, 10000 times ADSL speeds are not going to happen. Fibre to every home is a very expensive rollout.

    And grid computing is not exactly a new concept.
  3. It'll be several years before rolling out to main street USA. Big brother will love the access.
  4. replace all cable and telephone lines. just call the fed, they can print the money to fund it
  5. hughb


    I think, (but not sure), that AT&T is running fiber optics all the way into homes sinc they started rolling out U-Verse TV. It isn't required for a home to have fiber optic all the way in for U-Verse, I know because U-Verse is available in my area and I have copper in my apartment building. But apparently they have installed fiber optic in select areas right into homes in the first areas where they tested their new service. I'm working from memory here, so somebody correct me if you have more info.
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    fibre to home is already happening...
    e.g. in China for a number of years, and in many parts of USA.
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    Does anybody here subscribe to U-Verse TV? Sounds like a pretty good deal - your video is delivered to you television via your telephone line so there's no sattelite dish. A great way to tell the cable company to take a hike.
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    Drudge there is an article in there under economics that says eng may cut there int rate this week, that might be good for the dollar and kick off a rally,that is the only thing i've seen to support a rally from here to over 1400 in the spx