The Interactive Brokers advantage

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by retaildaytrader, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. I dont use IB, but another popular broker. When I send the order to the broker, it seems like it takes forever to fill. It doesnt seem like I have a direct connection with the market and I suspect I am not always getting the right price.

    Sometimes I play with loosely traded single digit stocks, but my current broker rejects the trades because I guess they dont like people manipulating their price. Im just trying to speculate, not manipulate.

    IB will let you do just about anything, trade any sheets...otc...whatever.

    IB seems to be directly connected to the market. I send my order out there, it fills. I can also do things like hide certain information from the market about my order on the IB platform.

    I feel cheated with my current broker. I think they are pulling a lot of tricks behind the scenes in the backoffice.

    While I had some complaints about IB and customer service, I really thought they acted more honestly then the one I have now. IB wouldnt take forever with my orders as if someone in the backoffice is trying to figure out how they can make a dime off it.

    I might be back at IB sooner then later...
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    IB is a direct access broker to most ECN's and exchanges and some dark pools.