The Integrity Thread

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bronks, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. bronks


    Why don't we have a section devoted to people who agree to have their trading accounts verified by a third source. Preferably their broker. They don't have to necessarily be successful at trading, just honest.


    People with Interactive Broker accounts could ask Def to confirm their status with Baron, then if everything's cool they can begin posting in that particular section. Same with people who have accounts from different brokerages. I don't think it would too difficult for a broker rep. to give a once over of your statement and give a thumbs up or down. After all, we are as traders, paying their salaries. I'm not talking actual amounts here, just a confirmation if the guy says what he is.

    Sort of like how PayPal has verified accounts.

    Then we could have a tag to each trader:

    -- WHALE
    -- MEGA
    -- ELITE
    -- TRADER
    -- SUB-TRADER (break-even or not yet profitable)

    Could even make it interesting by asking to be re-qualified after six months to maybe jockey up in the ranks.

    Although the delinquents sometime make this website a bit more amusing, once in a while I'd like a break from them if I so choose.
  2. and also
    for small portfolios with big percentage returns.
  3. Pekelo


    Hm, nobody holds back anybody. If one wants to take a screenshot of their brokerstatements, they already can.

    Otherwise the idea probably has legal problems. But I found humorous, that even losing traders need to have a proof...