the insider's game

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Take a look at PSUN. IMHO the recent runup wasn't by chance. This was deep insider buying. Insiders already knew that PSUN was raising the profit outlook, so it was an easy game to push this thing to the sky without taking a risk.
    Yesterday was a reversal candle, by chance????
    For sure, not!

    Today they are coming out with the raised outlook and everbody is selling. Yes, buy the rumour, sell the fact. But IMHO for some people this was no rumour at all.

    Are you with me, SEC???????????
  2. I don't see it, the whole group has had a run up. Did you look to see if any insiders bought in the last 6 months? My guess is they were net sellers.

    Look at it compared to there main competitiors, URBN and HOTT, their doesn't appear to be anything unusual going on. Maybe PSUN had higher short interest or a lower float or something.

    as far as raising outlook, well everyone is doing that these days.
  3. opw


    The markets are a lot like life itself: you can see anything you like in anything that happens.

    But who cares if there is insider buying? If there are enough people buying, the stock will keep going up. If there is enough people selling it will go down.

    Your job as a trader would be to find these stocks. Who cares why they move?

  4. You are right, the whole group is going nuts.
  5. Also opw is damn right. I'm not an insider, so it's my job to find the right moves, nothing to complain about.