The Inside Job

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  1. This movie may be yesterday`s news for most of you, but I finally got to watch it and I have to say that I found it very interesting.

    It is by no means a complete analysis and breakdown of the complex chain of events causing the financial meltdown and there are certainly a lot of important stuff that is left out. It does however highlight some very interesting relationships and ties between the government, the financial industry and academia. I would say that the documentary focuses mostly on Wall Street`s part in the crisis.

    It`s also interesting to see how many of those one could hold accountable for the crisis, remain in positions of power and how little has really changed after what happened.

    Even though the documentary carries a bias and may seem anti-capitalistic in it`s presentation, it is still well worth watching.

    Any other good economic documentaries?:)
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    "The Warning" - from Frontline on PBS.
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    I have that documentary on my list to watch, havent gotten around to it yet. He are others


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