The infamous "Blackbox" Theory

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    Blackbox, ATS, or whatever anyone calls it...I think we traders need to carefully think about our future and the direction this "technology" is taking us. Imagine 5 years later in the future and every traders in this industry just use this thingy to trade for us, while we go to the gym and workout or take our kids to the park expecting to make a few grand automatically when we come home. Does that sound ridiculous to anyone else but me? Trading is a endeavour that takes constant learning and decision-making, I don't think artificial intelligence can replace human...otherwise, why would anyone in the world go to college and work, everyone would just have one of these machine and plan for their retirement...I believe that market conditions constantly changes, and traders constantly have to adjust and adapt to survive, machines can and will be beaten by real traders if they begin to be a part of the market's norm, infact, I'm sure they're being used by market makers and other institutions already, but we traders still learn how to take money from them. While I admire the efforts of programmers and developers to make trading easier and less with emotions, but the fundamental of trading is still knowledge and discipline, one that people relying on blackboxes may never understand. That's my two cents, feel free to provide counter-argument...I'm always open minded and respectful to other's opinion...please do not take my comment personally, just my point of view. Peace and good trading to all
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