the indexes can never go to zero

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    because weak stocks are removed from the index and replaced with strong ones.
  2. So you are suggesting to average down SPY and QQQQ ?
  3. Now i know why Savant has so many posts. He replies to stuff like this,.
  4. So, what's your point?

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    Maybe the index never goes to zero, but your return can easily be zero or even negative!

    What would have happened if I bought SPY five years ago and held long? Hmmm....

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    now i know why someone like stock777 has over 2,415 posts and has been on for more than 4 years (over 1,460 days). that's almost 2 posts a day nonstop for the past 4 years.
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    your return could easily be zero or negative if you bought SPY yesterday (friday). it depends on timeframe.

    the only people that bought in, in 2000 were greedy$$$ people. they always buy in at the top.
  8. Without saying further :) many of those posts are contributing to one liners...snide remarks...opinions...


    a Journal...a post about trading and good advice...a statement and not just replies...

    stock777 knows his stuff, but is entertained at ET...

    Michael B.

  9. Buy every year after you see a decline of 8% or more.

    Buying just year 1999 or year 2000 of course hurts.

    If you are a believer in what you are doing (dollar cost averaging) and well tested your strategy, you are up quite a lot comparing to interest rate growth and the market return with respect to the year 2000 top.

    Remember, you cannot do that on a market cap based index like Nasdaq 100. It has to be a broad based index like S&P, Dow, etc.
  10. If you buy on margin your portfolio can go to zero, when an index drops....
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