The Impossible Things in Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradingjournals, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. The market cannot give what the market does not have. Let us call such things, "the impossible things in trading". It would then be absurd for a trader to seek the impossible, yet I believe the average trader seeks such impossible things.

    A possible example of impossible things, which may be shocking: one cannot achieve more than (1.8*trading rage) of one's trading time frame (in the sense of mean/expected value).

    There is another implication of knowing the impossible such as what I stated above, which I would come back to later (if this thread develops well). Let us hear from the expert readers now.

    What do you think/know are some impossible things in the market and in trading? Also state whether or not the average trader is aware of the impossible things you mention.

    PS: The OP reserves to the rights to terms he coins such as "The impossible things in trading".
  2. Impossible for you to not be a nerdy dork! :D :p :cool:
  3. I think everything falls on a bell curve so there are very few absolutes. There are few things which are absolutely impossible, but definitely are highly improbable.
  4. Could you pls justify your statement? A math proof may be accepted. I say maybe...