The Importance of a Good trading office

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  1. Alright ive been trading for a few weeks (yeah im the veteran) now and one thing I notice is that I seem distracted/irritated by things in the environment, for example I started trading at home, but became GRUESOMELY mad when the pumping hardcore music my (not gifted with a taste for good music) little brother seems to like BANGS through the whole house, or my mom comes in to ask some stuff that might be real important, but NOT when im doing math in my head and she pops me out of it.

    So I moved my ass to college where fast internet is available on fast pc's and people are expected to shut the fuck up :) This helped a lot for the environment (didnt get pissed of anymore, not even when trades went against me) but the lack of comfort (chairs are of FAAAR lower quality then at my own home, there is no music or whatever for me to keep my mind busy when all i do is trail the stops on a trade, the screens are smallass 15"ers and the temperature is low) & opening times (building opens at 9, computers are available from 9:15 and that means I miss the open of the Exchange I trade).

    2 not-optimal settings and I feel that it affects me, if not in the quality of my trades then in the qualify of my happiness, state of relaxedness and physical comfort.

    NOW. It is possible for me to rent a traders desk at a professional office for about €250/month. This includes use of a good pc (dual 17" which is far enough for me), fast lines, plus all the benefits of an office: People shut the fuck up when they are working, you can chill and have coffee and talk shit without disturbing others in your canteen, theres a fitness room to lift some weight if you need some emotional relief, and the opening times are very favourable.

    only thing is that im considering whether its worth the €250. From my own rant i'd say yes, but I merely trade a €6k account, and 250 aint peanuts on a relative basis.

    I'd appreciate comments & input about the importance of a relaxed working location

  2. From this stupid dream of yours.
    Concentrate on college. Forget the market.
    This "professional" trading office may just help you in depleting your funds faster, that way you can work on your studies.
    With 6K you have no business in the market.
  3. Thanks for your opinions on trading environments.
    On the size.. then WILL you have musiness in the markets? 15k? Thats fine, too .. 15k still is 60k with leverage. Aside from that, before even knowing what I trade, how do you know whether 6k will suffice?

    sure 250 /month will deplete my account if I dont DO anything, then again, €3k a year _is_ 50% of the whole account, thank you for pointing that out to overthink

  4. Okay it's been many weeks since your trading office experience has begun ... how has it been?
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    It does not matter if u have 6k or 15K , the thingth at maters is , WHat r your objectives.
    Set your objectives. An optimal amount in my opinion to start with will be 20-25K.

    Regarding working from home, that is the best . The only thing is that you have to create a disciple. Treat the corner in your home as an office and try to create a disciplen, It will be hard in the begining, but once the family knows than they adjust.
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    You need a place that is without interuption during trading hours: how you achieve this is up to you. In my case basing the business at our home would simply not work. In our offices I enforce a quiet workplace and this has served to focus everyone on the job at hand which is trading. This quiet trading floor does not work for some people but it seems to be a winning formula for us.......
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    forget about having no business in the market with just 6k etc. you have got business if you have solid strategies & small, steady-increasing goals. :)

    a good trading office will sure help you reach those goals, but if this is worth 250€'s a month? not quite sure...

    best wishes,
  8. pay no mind to the naysayers, trading enviroment is crucial. You need a stable comfortable enviroment so you can focus on your trading and block everything out. Pay the money for the office and try it, to see if it works for you. If you are comfortable and the office works you will make the money back in spades...

  9. Where do you live?
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    My wife knows, she NEVER adjusts. The room is turning into a combo storage-kids video games-trading space. And the wife has so many important things to talk to me about, when I'm doing math in my head. First priority:get the business the F%*K out of the house, far enough away so nobody will drive over.
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