the impact of island dispute between china & Japan

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  1. looks there is immeadiate war.

    first, china was once defeated badly by Japan, they want revenge.maybe just use this as an excuse.

    second, china may want to change its standing, may want to chanllege the already defined rules, particulay u.s. leadership, they think they are powerful enough, and they start to think they can lead. being a second means listen to others, no one likes this.

    if that happens, as japan ally, U.S. may join.

    then Russia has issue in island with Japan too, Russia may join China to take advantge of this sitaution...

    the war may become bigger, bigger...

    if the war happens, what will hit hardest?

    weapon factory may benefit the most?
  2. No China was not really defeated, it is the reason why Japan ran out of resources, had to invade SE-asia and bomb pearl harbor. The war in China bogged them down. In fact if you read the historical archives, the last stand of the Imperial Japanes army was not the Japanese mainland but Manchuria in China. Even towards the end of the war, there were more Japanese troops in China than the whole of the pacific theatre. I think something like 35 out of 51 divisions. At the end of the war, Japan had 3 million troops,2 million of them were in China still fighting the Chinese army as Hiroshima and Nagasaki burned.

    Historically, there have been three major wars between Japan and China.

    663 Battle of Baekgang- Tang Chinese and Silla Korean forces allied to drive Japanese forces out of Korea.

    1592-98 Imjin War-Ming Chinese and Korean Joseon dynasty allied to drive Japanese forces out of Korea & Manchuria. Devastation throughout the Korean peninsula. Pyrrhic victory for China as Ming dynasty bankrupted by war collapses soon after. Estimated 1 million Koreans+Japanese dead, 150,000 Japanese samurai perish.

    1937-1945 Sino Japanese War- Korea & Taiwan ceded to Japan. Initial Japanese victories results in stalemate in central china by 1939. Seperately, Mao Tse-Tung launches Hundred Regiments Offensive in Northern China stopping japanese advance. Entry of USA allied with Chinese forces results in eventual Japanese defeat. 20 million Chinese killed. 40% of all Imperial Japanese forces die on battlefields throughout China.

    4th Sino-Japan war ?-Will history repeat itself?
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    Thanks to Tokyo Governor Ishihara .. US, European, Korean car sales will increase in China but No Thanks to Ishihara .. Japan car sales will decrease (China is the world's biggest auto market and biggest luxury goods market in the world ) :D :( Travel industry and Japanese goods all suffer ......

    No need "Real War" .. all China needs to do is to dump Japan bonds, stop sending rare-earths to Japan will suffer ...:eek:

    It's a big joke only $26 million to buy over dispute islands claim by China and Taiwan :confused: even a bungalow costs more than $26 million .. and it's Not about Money !!! China and Taiwan will stand firm and never give in to Japan :p
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    A democratic vs. communism war is imminent and inevitable. Just a matter of time.
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    Not so much because of democratic vs. communism but it's all about "Imperialism Japan" ..they even changed the true history context in their school text books regarding WWII .. and how would americans feel if Japan claims Pearl Harbor as part of Japan? how much $260 billion then it's Japan ?
  6. Elite History Traders. What a crazy thread. How does this help your trading.
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    Imperial Japan is part of the reason for this fishing island dispute (of course economic benefits as well). But i was talking about the bigger picture. These small disputes will turn big just like the op said. Once US intervenes (which of course, they will), then Russia will intervene.... This ultimately turns into a democratic vs. communism war. US will have to defend its Asia Pacific allies as they are the "safety net" to American Mainland.
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    start selling Japanese stocks went down lol ( most asia market sold Japanese stocks when the market - open ) so it did help in trading
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    Late here. Boredom owns me. :D
    I'll quit derailing the thread, seems like it's going to get political QUICK and I think we should save that for another time :cool:
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    Yes agreed .:p but Imperial Japan is more dangerous! :D US wants to be "Peace/Police" maker coz it ain't pretty if goes to war with China and Russia .. All Perish !:eek: then no need to trade anymore coz WWIII that's the end of the world! :D
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