The "Im an Idiot" thread

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  1. Alright.. Im an idiot.

    I put in a bunch of orders last night but didnt ready my stops. Figured id get up and do that in the morning.

    So I overslept and while everyone else on the planet was making bank I lost about ~1% of my capital because i didnt get up to put in my stops and while a few went up a couple went down big time.

    I only write this because Ive been mopping around all day feeling like an idiot and my friend said I might feel better if i get it out.

    So its out..

    Has anyone else made any blunderheaded moves like that ?
  2. I traded the Dec mini dow after rollover to the March contract. I bought at the market, and had Mar quotes up on my screen, even though I had placed the order for Dec contract. I could not figure out for the life of me why my fill was 100 pts lower than the current market..

    I was relieved when I found out I really hadn't been somehow filled 100 pts away from the market.. but was pissed at myself for making such a careless mistake.
  3. I used to trade 20 minute delay. Then I found the yahoo message boards and thought those guys had all the up to date information.
    Then one day a trade was executed about one dollar under what was on my screen and I was on my way "good fill" I thought. How'd I get it so cheap? 20 minutes went buy and well... you know the rest of the story, it was selling off. I really can't remember how I discovered real time.
  4. I Still do :eek: . It's just a phase :D

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    I submited about 150 opening orders, but was travelling and using my laptop. I loaded the wrong spreadsheet with prices about two months old and instead of getting the usual 6 or 8 positions I probably had 70+ before I could cancel. I bought about $15,000,000 worth of stock on a $100,000 account. My P/L was up and down $7,000 every 10 seconds. Luckily the market was stable and I worked out of it all with minimal damage. I almost vomited when I thought about how close I came to blowing out my account. Needless to say, I've never made that mistake before (but have made pleny more).
  6. I bought about $15,000,000 worth of stock on a $100,000 account.

    how did your broker let you do that? just curious?
  7. Back in 2003 I meant to enter 10 ES contracts short, but had set the order tablet at 100.

    The trade opened shorting a pullback into resistance, and price action immediately went -1pt against me. I closed out for -$5,000 loss and was shaking from adrenaline.

    That was within two ticks of swing high, price action then dropped more than what would have been +6pts in favor.

    Timing (or lack thereof) is everything.
  8. My mistakes that only happen once do not concern me. My mistakes that happen repeatedly draw my attention.

  9. Are you that guy who has been all over the net recently giving his video commentary 'how not to trade'?
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    It's a proprietary account. They give me as much buying power as I need, but it's also enough rope to hang myself with if I'm not careful.
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