The illusion of a two party system in the USA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by andrasnm, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Look at behind the blue curtain. It is a man dressed in a black suit holding a briefcase filled with cash. Lo and behold behind the red curtain there is another man in pinstriped suit holding another briefcase filled with cash. Both men are the bagmen for multinational corporations and making a laborious charade to dupe the masses (not exactly a difficult task) into the belief that the two parties are so vehemently oppose each other. And on the surface they sure do. Partisanship is running rampant, especially during election years.
    There are cherry picked "issues" like abortion and gun control and immigration to instigate the masses and divide them into nice big groups and redirect their attention from the most important issue - they are no longer in control and their interest are not considered by any of the parties. As long as people watch the American Idol and do not pay attention to the main issue, their country is being hijacked by special interest groups - they have no fucking chance.
    Wellcome to FUCKISM.
  2. The first Americans need to do is to turn of the stupefying TV, I did it long time ego…
  3. politicians are one untrustful bitches, they give no crap about what they say, only what effect it has on the people they say it to

    what they believe in can be found in their actions not their words

    it is most clear that they do believe in cycles of life and it's importance, in the way they use cycles to convert illusions into reality,
    (ie the cycles being democrats and republicans)

    cycles are a very important part of our lives, the simplest; the days and nights we go through with each passing day

    cycles are one important factor in building attachments, and this attachment is a cause in us accepting the object or subject of attachment as real