The Illuminati is heavily long the Euro

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  1. Commitment of Traders Report



    Long 204,337 74%
    Short 47,710 17.3%

    Some say this the largest position in the Euro since its creation. Swiss franc is lopsided too. They appear to hatin' the Aussie dollar.

    It appears the death of the Euro will not happen this year.
  2. exactly, i've been posting about this since last 4 months.

    SNB and ECB are buying euros in massive amounts.
    The speculators will win gigantic amounts of $ someday when euro will fall below 1.1
  3. retail seems to be winning since the 1.42 short h and s

    long and wrong is not my favourite flavour.

    Corzine could be helping out on the commercial strategy.
    plenty of time and some money in his pocket.

    repeat after me......i am not a crook.



  4. The commercials are true hedgers. They're usually long whatever is going down. Paying for stability. Not everyone is in the market to make profits.

    lol @ "The Illuminati"
  5. Not everyone is in the market to make profits.........


    so all non profit organizations.

    are all of the CFO's onside with this new concept.

    you are partially right.

    commercials want to buy them all at zero.....
    but only if the market is going to be around and going back up sometime down the road.


  6. True illuminati own only tangible assets and gold, and some intangible assets like the souls of many politicians worldwide.
  7. [​IMG] Source

    They were building shorts in the beginning of the year but have switched. I only pay attention to this stuff when it becomes lopsided. I recall the lopsidedness with the Nasdaq back in 2000 when reading Fleckenstein's mania chronicles. I want to say they were heavily short the financials from '07-08 but I'll have to dig that one up.

    I'll revisit this at year end. It's too much of a given that the Euro dies this year. Consensus is always wrong.
  8. ....................................

    except for the new tangent splinter group.

    long cattle and the euro trash.

    a beef sandwich trade.

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    I saw this already several weeks ago in march contract of 6E with cumulative delta volume - very large build in long positions into pullback below 3200 level - was taking place prior to and through rollover. I imagine there will be some events ahead to pay these long holders off - I have been watching this with great interest.
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    This is a well above average accumulation - from past 5 years of data I have.
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