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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by retaildaytrader, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. I think one classic trick on here is to post up the ignore link. You guys had fixed it by making Elitetrader asterik it out when other people posted it, but some people are now using links to throw it back up somehow.

    The funny part is that the alias already knows its the wrong thing to do to post the ignore link so he adds justification before there is any debate or argument. He also comes out of hiding as a troll talking about threads in the feedback section that were authored years ago yet his alias was just registered in February. thats funny.

    Here are his own words:

    "P.S. Moderator, if above link is not acceptable...please delete but leave my "recommendation for other's to ignore this freak show intact".

    P.S.S. Joe "ET administrator" and a long time moderator are on record in the feedback thread via specifically saying it's ok to post a "ignore link" as long as you "advertise" that's exactly what the link is for."
  2. Joe


    Thank you, he was not hiding it but I do not like the auto ignore by clicking the link so I removed it. If someone would like to do this I would suggest just posting a link to the users profile and alerting them where they can press the button. A two step process.