The ignore feature is brilliant heres why

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  1. recently I started using it and am finding this place sooo much better.... Ill share my list of dipshits in the hopes it will benefit someone elses time here

    the kin
    stock turder dude
    simon 1080

    without a doubt surely these are the resident trolls who have turned this place into yahoo level. Surely there are some trolls who have more than 1 of these aliases.
    without a doubt " The Kin" is the biggest cocksucker and I would recommend to anyones list
  2. I'm sure I'm on a few lists myself, but you're absolutely right, it saves me so much time responding to absurd posts. My own list is... wait let me check...yep, looks like about 125 names.
  3. hughb


    Nobody's on my ignore list. I doubt if I would ever put anybody on it.
  4. If you don't think that there are multi-alias teenagers on here whose posts represent noise which has absolutely no value, you're a more compassionate man that I. If you agree that this is the case but you don't mind wading through all the garbage, you're a more patient man than I.
  5. Tums


    Not multi-alias teenagers, but multi-alias teenage-brained naive adults thinking they are making an impact to the World.

    The truth: there is always people destined to be a forum joker.
  6. I didn't know you could add names after about 12 or so.

    125? Wow. That's a LOT of trolls for one place.:p
  7. Tums


    not a lot of trolls... but multi-alias trolls.
  8. You should take Atticus off the list. He may seem a little obnoxious and downright rude at times, but I sure did make a good sum of money short-term trading his picks.

    Prioritize. Make money first and then your feelings come second.

    Why dont I get top billing and have to only get a third-rung position on this list?
  9. Why not add Makloda and Hydroblunt to this list?
  10. Putting people on ignorte is a sign of weakness. MAN UP! If you cant take a little digging from a fellow ET member...... then how do you even expect to take the mental abuse the market will give you???

    This Arena Maximus is for the warriors of the markets, go join a sewing club if you cant take this heat!
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