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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Tsing Tao, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    The ignore feature is a wonderful tool for avoiding arguments from troublesome people. If you don't like someone, you put them on ignore and they go away. Voila.

    Sometimes, however, you have some users who quote people you have on ignore, accidentally or purposefully (because they know you have the user on ignore and are attempting to draw you into the flame war). Can we make it so their comments are ignored in both the original post and in an quoting as well? To do so would require the forum to carry the ignore user tag forward in the quotes.

    Joe, Baron?
  2. wrbtrader


    The problem is that many folks (including myself) will quote someone via not using the quote function.

    For example...

    Tsing Tao said...The ignore feature is a wonderful tool for avoiding arguments from troublesome people. If you don't like someone, you put them on ignore and they go away. Voila..."

    That's what happen to me when I saw many messages by those on my ignore list. :(

    My suggestion is that when someone becomes troublesome to you in a particular thread...state your opinion one more time and then move on (stop participating in the thread) or contact the moderators to make a complaint about the troublesome person assuming you're not complaining about something said in the "Chit Chat" or "Politics & Religion" threads where anything to stay away from those particular section if there are folks in there upsetting you too much.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    It's not about anything upsetting. I'm a big boy. I just want to clean up the forum and not have to see their worthless chatter. If someone can simply quote them, I guess the only solution is to put that person on ignore as well.
  4. wrbtrader


    Putting someone on an ignore list that's a good member because he/she quoted someone that makes worthless chatter will also eliminate the good members. I strongly doubt that will clean up the forum unless you've noticed that those quoting others making worthless chatter tend to make worthless chatter themselves.

    In contrast, I still think a "good solution" is to not participate or stop participating in threads that worthless chatter tends to show participate in threads that have worthless chatter is enabling those worthless chatter to continue. If you've been here a few most likely already know what will trigger the worthless chatter and where it tends to show up. Thus, it's probably an easy solution for you in comparison to a newbie member.

    Another solution is to send "direct private messages" to Joe and/or Baron about a problematic poster that's violating the TOU policy. Yet, that only works if the problematic messages didn't occur in the "Chit Chat" and "Politic & Religion" threads where anything goes...those sections will never be cleaned up. In contrast, worthless chatter elsewhere in the trading threads can easily be identified quickly and merit Joe & Baron doing something about it but only if we tell them about it.

    I myself use to have a very LONG ignore list until I had problems maintaining it, notice how easy it is for members to create a new alias and noticed the problem of others quoting folks on my ignore list as observed by you.

    That's when I decided not to participate in certain areas of, not read those certain areas and I notice that useful threads usually are good for a couple of pages. Thus, if there's something worthwhile to be's been said in those first few pages and I don't need to subscribe nor monitor the thread after such.

    This approach works a lot better than ET's ignore function but it does require discipline to follow it via staying away from areas of ET that has a lot of worthless chatter...wish you good luck in finding your own solution.
  5. BSAM


    Why not just use the mouse to scroll on down the ET highway?
    The best way to ignore a poster is to not read nor respond to that poster.
  6. cstfx


    Not spending so much time in the ET basement should improve your experience here. Come upstairs where it is less moldy. After all, this is a trading forum, not a political forum.
  7. Brass


    For the record, Tsing's preoccupation with the ignore feature was precipitated by his placing me on ignore because of an exchange in P&R. A summary:

    After he placed me on ignore, someone had quoted one of my posts so that he'd be able to read it. And here we are, immersed in our delicate sensibilities.
  8. Pekelo


    I agree with the OP, we should have that fixed, but I don't hold my breath...

    Some of us are fast readers and sometimes I roll upward, thus I see the post first and the poster later. :)
  9. You remind me of a poster from a long time ago...named NihabaAshi

  10. wrbtrader


    Yes, Baron allowed me to change user names after I requested such. After his approval he then put in the profile of the user name NihabaAshi a message that specifically states the following...

    Biography - change user name to wrbtrader
    Occupation - change user name to wrbtrader

    Next, he disable the user name NihabaAshi log-in so that it can't be used again. Also, I posted several public messages here at ET about my user name change via the following example in my Trading Hammers (revisited) thread @
    #10     Feb 11, 2012