the idiocy of the catholics

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  1. "patient suffering is redemptive and brings the individual closer to Christ."

    the catholic church has now decided to ignore advance directives and living wills in hospital and nursing home care.

    The US Conference of Catholic Bishops released an “Ethical and Religious Directive” this month that would ban any Catholic hospital, nursing home or hospice program from removing feeding tubes or ending palliative procedures of any kind, even when the individual has an advance directive to guide their end-of-life care. The Bishops’ directive even notes that patient suffering is redemptive and brings the individual closer to Christ.
  2. Question ,vhehn.

    Why do you give a fuck? Are you Catholic? Are you planning on being a patient in a Roman Catholic hospital, nursing home or hospice?


    You and other leftist, fascist cunts will soon get your chance to deny treatment to the terminally ill-why waste money dedicated to Democrat voting mud people by prolonging the life of an old white person-so PRAY REAL HARD because state sponsored euthanasia is just a heartbeat away.

    Until then, the Catholic Church whose record the past few decades concerning Human Rights is unassailable will conduct their business the way they feel fit.

  3. i live i a rural state. many communities only have a catholic hospital or nursing home. how would you like to get stuck in a situation where a brain dead loved one was forced to live on in a vegetative state?
    by the way my granny used to say that you can tell how intelligent a person is by how much profanity they had to use to make a point. you are a prime example of the wisdom of my granny.
  4. by the way no other group has caused more misery,starvation and death in 3rd world countries than the catholic church through their birth control policies.
  5. Capitalization, puncuation and spelling are historically decent tells, also.

    Does your Grannie know she helped raise a bitter, commie, kook?

    Why are there so many Catholic hospitals and schools? Because Catholics donate BILLIONS to charity. Why don't you and your ATHEIST pals build a hospital?

    No, I'd rather me and my loved ones be in a facility that goes every mile to keep us alive than be in Orwellian General where pulling the plug is as easy as pulling for Obama.

  6. you wont see any of those billions. we have a catholic hospital here, they charge just as much as any secular hospital.
    if one were to think this through you could come to the conclusion that this rule pads the catholic hospitals profits because after all medicare has to pay for keeping these people alive long after they are brain dead.
    its horrible for the patient but after all suffering is good for you according to the catholic church.
    what no profanity in your last post. i am disappointed.
  7. Really? Like where? I didn't know that Biafra, Bangladesh, Angola, Pakistan, India, Chad, Ethiopia, the Sudan and Senegal were "Catholic" countries. Silly me thought most Catholics live in Ireland, Italy, Spain and Latin America. Lotta poverty in SA but even there I don't know if Black Brazillians living in favala's are Catholic. Probably voodoo type shite.

  8. You do realize that abortion is outlawed in Islam correct?

    You are a clown.

  9. "The Catholic Church’s greatest crime in history was not the blindness it showed in condemning Galileo, Copernicus and Darwin. Nor was it the moral wretchedness of the Holy Inquisition tortures and the burning of victims at the stakes or the bloody religious wars against protestants, natives, heretics, Jews and pagans. The Catholic Church’s most abominable crime is being committed right now in the Third World (expanding from there into the whole world) and consists in its recalcitrant and absurd opposition to birth control.

    Could anything be more insane and senseless than the prohibition of all physical and chemical methods of birth control (the pill, withdrawal, intrauterine devices, spermicides, contraceptives, tubal occlusion, onanism and vasectomy) and the sole acceptance, on rare occasions, of the unsafe rhythm method? This harsh, irresponsible attitude is not only a crime against millions of unhappy children who will be born into the world only to lead miserable, subhuman lives. It is also a crime against the entire human species and ecological balance of our planet. Perhaps there is no more serious and urgent problem on Earth than the annihilative demographic explosion in the poorest continents."
  10. are you dense? pick a country where catholics dominate like africa.
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