the ideological perversion of the fundementalist right

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    I was listening to NPR and they were interviewing a new author, Jeff Sharlet. His book seems very interesting, it is about the "neo-Christian", political cabal, <a href="">the "Family"</a> or as they are also known as <a href="">"The Fellowship". </a>I have heard vaguely about these men, some fundamentalist Christian, some are actually Catholic, all share their political convictions and wish to mingle and mix it with their politics and power aspirations.
    Some of them live in this house in Washington DC (C Street House), owned by this shadowy group, and they even meddle into US foreign affairs under the disguise of the fact than most of them are member of the US Congress, the true ruling class in the nation. Many of you are surprised how they can get away with this? The "Family" is not registered as lobbying group as the group's founder and mastermind openly stated, staying in the shadows is better albeit, since the Abramoff scandal not quite legal anymore.
    The reason I have decided to write about them is not the political or legal angle, not even to "plug" the new book (which I obviously support philosophically) but the alleged ideas of this group about the true meaning of Christianity and what Jesus taught.
    The philosophical and I should say historical twist of this group’s belief is that THEY understand the true meaning of Jesus’ teaching and we, mere mortals do not grasp it. According to the twisted ideas of these people, Jesus was not about equality, love and kindness but he was about true power. Yes, you heard it. And when the group is pressed, to show political and historical figures from modern day, they quote Stalin, Hitler and other genocidal maniacs who had a power rush and obviously were mentally deranged.

    Let me tell you something, if you buy into this, you are dabbling into the dark side, my friends! These people are dangerous and their followers are either very cynical and nothing to do with altruistic ideas, or they are terminally stupid.
    What scares me is that these people are lawmakers and members of the US Congress.
    Do you remember the rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar? In Act I,
    when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, the crowd is ecstatic, and sings hosannas (Hosanna). Simon Zealots tries to convince Jesus that he can convince the people of Jerusalem <em>to arm against Rome </em>(Simon Zealots). <strong>Jesus answers that no one understands what true power or glory is, and that to conquer death, one must die </strong>(Poor Jerusalem).

    True power is not of this world. Anything in this world is perishable and terminal. It is dust already. Jesus and any serious Teacher would tell you this. Politics and religion do not mix, our founding fathers, knew this!! Sadly we have forgotten this or do not practice.......
  2. US leadership is becoming ever so jaded and cultlike with these secret societies. JFK warned about such groups.
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    Yes, this is becoming very much like Rome in the last 100 years...
    but these are illegal activities since the Abramoff sscandal and I bet you dollar for a doughnut NOTHING will happen! Thank God, these people are not exactly powerhouses. They meddle into poor 3rd world countries like Uganda where they legistlate to criminalize gay activities, please! I wager that SOME OF them are themselves are closet homos.... They should try to make the US a better place.....thay are US lawmakers after all.....
  4. and your opinion about this is better than others because, why? Last time I checked, this is a democracy. If you don't want to join them, then don't. There are thousands of religious, ethnic, cultural, racial, political, sports, special interests, veteran, hobby, union and many other organizations in this country.

    I don't think they need the approval of yourself or others to get up in the morning, and continue on with their own interests.

    "I was listening to NPR" "they were interviewing a new author, Jeff Sharlet." "I have heard vaguely about these men"? :D Based on your shadowy grasp and something you heard on National Socialist Radio by an author you never met, you will decide who has the right and who does not have the right to pursue their convictions?

    You don't want to mix politics and religion, then don't. But neither do you have the right to tell others that they need to shut off their religious beliefs when in a political arena, or turn off their political beliefs when in a religious arena.

    They are not dangerous, they are protected by the constitution, an we don't need censors such as yourself determining what we should prevent or become alarmed at.

    There is no "Sadly", unless groups are blowing up buildings, or similarly violating the law.
  5. The poster is pointing out what the constitution means when it says, "may make no establishment of religion". The point being we are guaranteed protection against any ideology getting a large enough foothold to start shoving their beliefs down our throats through laws and influence. I agree, they are dangerous even if they have not blown up a building.
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    Do you see the problem? The response and knee jerk reaction to my post? The dumbing down the nation to the ilks of him? He sees nothing wrong with altering the constitution or othewise perverting the system the founding fathers envisioned. He sees nothing wrong with our elected thieves err congressmen caballing into unofficial foreign policy cliques and advocating death penalty to homosexuals in Africa. That seems to be ok with him, after all we are a "free democracy" as he said it....
    ....and mark my words, I HAVE NOT AN OUNCE OF DOUBT that the story is true, the "Family" is as sinister buch of crooks, just google them. I do not need to talk to ther author he is a journalist and well respected person who went undercover to get some dirt of these great " christian patriots"....

  7. We have dozens of large ideologies that shoves their beliefs down our throats.

    Unions have destroyed our major car makers while shouting "protect American jobs."

    The banks have driven our financial system into the ground

    Politicians and interest groups impoverished the future with > $60 trillion in SS and other obligations

    Educational systems have become a liberal circus that browbeat those with a conservative view. Be a Mormon and go into a college, and give your views on family, creation, abortion, discipline or many other things. Schools are open, as long as you hold to their views. Try to say "Christmas celebration" at your high school.

    The Global Warming community has reached religious pitch (and I am relatively on their side)

    etc. etc.

    People get angry at those and want protection, against the groups they disagree with.