The icon of the Intifada was killed by Palestinians... & scummy French media

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  1. Who does not remember this picture?

    It has been seven years since France 2 Television broadcast the excruciating footage of Muhammad and his father, Jamal, crouching in terror behind a barrel at Gaza's Netzarim junction while, according to the report, under relentless fire from IDF soldiers. The 59-second clip, which ends with the boy apparently shot dead, was presented around the world as an unambiguous case of Israeli savagery.

    "The boy Muhammad was the iconic martyr, his name and face gracing streets, parks and postage stamps across the Arab world. His memory was invoked by Osama bin Laden in a jihadist screed against America, and in the ghastly video of the beheading of American Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl."

    Surprise surprise:

    The September 2000 death of Palestinian child Mohammed Al Dura in the Gaza Strip was staged by a Gaza cameraman, Government Press Office (GPO) Director Daniel Seaman said Monday.

    Shortly following the al-Dura incident, however, a series of inquiries cast grave doubt on the accuracy of the original France 2 report. The official IDF investigation concluded that, based on the position of IDF forces vis-à-vis al-Duras, it was highly improbable, if not impossible, that an Israeli bullet hit the boy. Research by The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic and Commentary magazine concurred. Then a German documentary revealed inconsistencies and probable manipulations in the account of France 2's lone journalist on the scene that day, Palestinian cameraman Talal Abu Rahmeh.

    And yet France 2 refused to release Abu Rahmeh's full 27 minutes of raw footage. It did, however, agree to let three prominent French journalists view the footage. All three concluded that it comprised blatantly staged scenes of Palestinians being shot by Israeli forces, and that France 2's Jerusalem Bureau Chief Charles Enderlin had lied to conceal that fact.

    Last month, a French court ordered France 2 to release unedited 7-year-old footage of Al-Dura's death for renewed investigations into the incident.

    Welcome to Pallywood!!!
  2. Why am I bothering!! You are the masters of killing en- mass and then blaming the loved ones for the killing. 850+ children got butchered by your killing machine and not even one single war criminal israeli soldiers has been punished...Not even a slap on the wrest! The only difference this time is that this child was killed on camera and the whole world got a first hand experience about the crimes you commit against us on daily bases behind their backs. The zionist pattern of distorting the truth is known to repeat itself over and over and over again! The pattern goes as such. They will commit a heinous crime, the whole world will go in uproar, your zionists will weather the storm and few years later they will come back to revisit their crime only to seep in their lies which is by now so sophisticated due to the tens of years of experience that no one will be able to tell the difference and no one will be around to confirm otherwise.

    This is another redline they do not mind to cross. This lying zionist is posting a report cooked by his criminal IDF which committed the crime in the first place.

    09.28.2007 | Haaretz
    By Gideon Levy

    It was a pretty quiet year, relatively speaking. Only 457 Palestinians and 10 Israelis were killed, according to the B'Tselem human rights organization, including the victims of Qassam rockets. Fewer casualties than in many previous years. However, it was still a terrible year: 92 Palestinian children
    were killed (fortunately, not a single Israeli child was killed by Palestinians, despite the Qassams). One-fifth of the Palestinians killed were children and teens - a disproportionate, almost unprecedented number. The Jewish year of 5767. Almost 100 children, who were alive and playing last New Year, didn't survive to see this one.

    One year. Close to 8,000 kilometers were covered in the newspaper's small, armored Rover - not including the hundreds of kilometers in the old yellow Mercedes taxi belonging to Munir and Sa'id, our dedicated drivers in Gaza. This is how we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the occupation. No one can argue anymore that it's only a temporary, passing phenomenon. Israel is the occupation. The occupation is Israel.

    We set out each week in the footsteps of the fighters, in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, trying to document the deeds of Israel Defense Forces soldiers, Border Police officers, Shin Bet security service investigators and Civil Administration personnel - the mighty occupation army that leaves behind in its wake
    horrific killing and destruction, this year as every year, for four decades.

    And this was the year of the children that were killed. We didn't get to all of their homes, only to some; homes of bereavement where parents weep bitterly over their children, who were climbing a fig tree in the yard, or sitting on a bench in the street, or preparing for an exam, or on their way home from school, or sleeping peacefully in the false security of their homes.

    A few of them also threw a rock at an armored vehicle or touched a forbidden fence. All came under live fire, some of which was deliberately aimed at them, cutting them down in their youth. From Mohammed (al-Zakh) to Mahmoud (al-Qarinawi), from the boy who was buried twice in Gaza to the boy who was buried in
    Israel. These are the stories of the children of 5767.

    The first of them was buried twice. Abdullah al-Zakh identified half of the body of his son Mahmoud, in the morgue refrigerator of Shifa Hospital in Gaza, by the boy's belt and the socks on his feet. This was shortly before last Rosh Hashanah. The next day, when the Israel Defense Forces "successfully" completed Operation Locked Kindergarten, as it was called, leaving behind 22 dead and a razed neighborhood, and left Sajiyeh in Gaza, the bereaved father found the remaining parts of the body and brought them for a belated burial.

    Mahmoud was 14 when he died. He was killed three days before the start of the school year. Thus we ushered in Rosh Hashanah 5767. In Shifa we saw children whose legs were amputated, who were paralyzed or on respirators. Families were killed in their sleep, or while riding on donkeys, or working in the fields.
    Operation Locked Kindergarten and Operation Summer Rains. Remember? Five children were killed in the first operation, with the dreadful name. For a week, the people of Sajiyeh lived in fear the likes of which Sderot residents have never experienced - not to belittle their anxiety, that is.

    The day after Rosh Hashanah we traveled to Rafah. Dam Hamad, 14, had been killed in her sleep, in her mother's arms, by an Israeli rocket strike that sent a concrete pillar crashing down on her head. She was the only daughter of her paralyzed mother, her whole world. In the family's impoverished home in the Brazil neighborhood, at the edge of Rafah, we met the mother who lay in a heap in bed; everything she had in the world was gone. Outside, I remarked to the reporter from French television who accompanied me that this was one of those moments when I felt ashamed to be an Israeli. The next day he called and said: "They didn't broadcast what you said, for fear of the Jewish viewers in France."

    Soon afterward we went back to Jerusalem to visit Maria Aman, the amazing little girl from Gaza, who lost nearly everyone in her life to a missile strike gone awry that wiped out her innocent family, including her mother, while riding in their car. Her devoted father Hamdi remains by her side. For a year and a half, she has been cared for at the wonderful Alyn Hospital, where she has learned to feed a parrot with her mouth and to operate her wheelchair using her chin. All the rest of her limbs are paralyzed. She is connected day and night to a respirator. Still, she is
    a cheerful and neatly groomed child whose father fears the day they might be sent back to Gaza.
  4. For now, they remain in Israel. Many Israelis have devoted themselves to Maria and come to visit her regularly. A few weeks ago, broadcast journalist Lah Lior took her in her car to see the sea in Tel Aviv.
    It was a Saturday night, and the area was crowded with people out for a good time, but the girl in the wheelchair attracted attention. Some people recognized her and stopped to say hello and wish her well. Who knows? Maybe the pilot who fired the missile at her car happened to be passing by, too.

    Not everyone has been fortunate enough to receive the treatment that Maria has had. In mid-November, a few days after the bombardment of Beit Hanoun - remember that? - we arrived in the battered and bleeding town: 22 killed in a moment, 11 shells dropped on a densely packed town. Islam, 14, sat there dressed in black, grieving for her eight relatives that had been killed, including her mother and grandmother. Those disabled by this bombardment didn't get to go to Alyn.

    Two days before the shelling of Beit Hanoun, our forces also fired a missile that hit the minibus transporting children to the Indira Gandhi kindergarten in Beit Lahia. Two kids, passersby, were
    killed on the spot. The teacher, Najwa Khalif, died a few days later. She was wounded in clear view of her 20 small pupils, who were sitting in the minibus.
    After her death, the children drew a picture: a row of children lying bleeding, their teacher in the front, and an Israeli plane bombing them. At the Indira Gandhi kindergarten, we had to bid good-bye to Gaza, too: Since then, we haven't been able to cross into the Strip.

    But the children have come to us. In November, 31 children were killed in Gaza. One of them, Ayman al-Mahdi, died in Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, where he had been rushed in grave condition. Only his uncle was permitted to stay with him during his final days. A fifth-grader, Ayman had been sitting with frinds on a bench on a street in Jabalya, right by his school. A bullet fired from a tank struck him. He was just 10 years old.[/color][/b]

    IDF troops killed children in the West Bank, too. Jamil Jabaji, a boy who tended horses in the new Askar refugee camp, was shot in the head. He was 14 when he was killed, last December. He and his friends were throwing rocks at the armored vehicle that passed by the camp, located near Nablus. The driver provoked the children, slowing down and speeding up, slowing down and speeding up, until finally a soldier got out, aimed at the boy's head and fired. Jamil's horses were left in their stable, and his family was left to mourn

    And what did 16-year-old Taha al-Jawi do to get himself killed? The IDF claimed that he tried to sabotage the barbed-wire fence surrounding the abandoned Atarot airport; his friends said he was just playing soccer and had gone to chase after the ball.
    Whatever the circumstances, the response from the soldiers was quick and decisive: a bullet in the leg that caused him to bleed to death, lying in a muddy ditch by the side of the road. Not a word of regret, not a word of condemnation from the IDF spokesman,
    when we asked for a comment. Live fire directed at unarmed children who weren't endangering anyone, with no prior warning.

    Abir Aramin was even younger; she was just 11. The daughter of an activist in the Combatants for Peace organization, in January she left her school in Anata and was on the way to buy candy in a little shop. She was fired upon from a Border Police vehicle. Bassam, her father, told us back then with bloodshot eyes and
    in a strangled voice: "I told myself that I don't want to take revenge. Revenge will be for this 'hero,' who was so 'threatened' by my daughter that he shot and killed her, to stand trial for it." But just a few days ago the authorities announced that the case was being closed: The Border Police apparently acted appropriately.[/color][/b]

    "I'm not going to exploit my daughter's blood for political purposes. This is a human outcry. I'm not going to lose my mind just because I lost my heart," the grieving father, who has many Israeli friends, also told us.

    In Nablus, we documented the use of children as human shields - the use of the so-called "neighbor procedure" - involving an 11-year-old girl, a 12-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy. So what if the High Court of Justice has outlawed it? We also recorded the story of the death of baby Khaled, whose parents, Sana and Daoud Fakih, tried to rush him to the hospital in the middle of the night, a time when Palestinian babies apparently mustn't get sick: The baby died at the checkpoint.

    In Kafr al-Shuhada (the "martyrs' village") south of Jenin, in March, 15-year-old Ahmed Asasa was fleeing from soldiers who had entered the village. A sniper's bullet caught him in the neck.

    Bushra Bargis hadn't even left her home. In late April she was studying for a big test, notebooks in hand, pacing around her room in the Jenin refugee camp in the early evening, when a sniper shot her in the forehead from quite far away. Her bloodstained notebooks bore witness to her final moments.

    And what about the unborn babies? They weren't safe either. A bullet in the back of Maha Qatuni, a woman who was seven months pregnant and got up during the night to protect her children in their home, struck her fetus in the womb, shattering its head. The wounded mother lay in the Rafidiya Hospital in Nablus, hooked up to numerous tubes. She was going to name the baby Daoud. Does killing a fetus count as murder? And
    how "old" was the deceased? He was certainly the youngest of the many children Israel killed in the past year.

    Happy New Year.
  5. This is how the zionists deal with their own people who oppose them;

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    If this the way they deal with Jews who oppose their zionist regime, how do you think they will deal with our own children?
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  7. This is how the zionists deal with Journalists who expose the truth;

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  8. Education under Israeli occupation;

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    Hey dddooo...Thawrah Hata Al Nasr!!!

    Professor Richard Landes of Boston University is credited with having given the term currency in 2005, with his 18-minute documentary Pallywood: According to Palestinian Sources

    In his documentary, Landes shows Arab-Israeli conflict-related footage, mostly taken by freelance Palestinian video journalists but utilising different camera angles to those which were broadcast by the mass media. He argues that Palestinian video journalists have staged scenes for propaganda purposes to create bias against Israel by presenting the Palestinians as helpless victims of Israeli aggression. He believes that what he describes as systematic media manipulation (which he dubs "Pallywood") dates back to at least the 1982 Lebanon War, and argues that broadcasters are too uncritical of the bona fides of Palestinian freelance footage.

    German journalist Thorsten Schmitz writes that the world's large news organizations, CNN and ABC News, and news agencies such as Reuters and Associated Press, work almost exclusively with Palestinian cameramen when reporting from the Gaza Strip.[13] Working as a cameraman for the Western media is regarded as one of the most lucrative jobs in the Palestinian areas, Schmitz writes, with some cameramen in the area earning up to $250 U.S. per day, as much as some Palestinian families might earn in six months. Schmitz states that the images intended to portray suffering in Gaza and broadcast by the international media are produced primarily by Palestinians. [13] Richard Landes has argued that the mainstream media are too quick to accept this freelance footage.

    Muhammad al-Durrah, a 12-year-old Palestinian, was widely reported to have been killed by Israeli gunfire in the Gaza Strip on September 30, 2000 at the beginning of the Second Intifada. The shooting was recorded by Talal Abu Rahma, a local freelance cameraman and the footage became internationally famous. In Pallywood, Richard Landes questions the authenticity of the footage and disputes whether al-Durrah was killed by Palestinian gunfire or was killed at all[14] - a hypothesis shared by several other commentators.[15][16][17][3].

    Landes also describes the Battle of Jenin in 2002 [6] as an instance in which "Pallywood" footage has been shown, and Schmitz has made similar arguments regarding an Israeli rocket attack on June 13, 2006 on a car carrying members of Islamic Jihad.[13]

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  10. LOL

    I do not know if you were updated that this so called documentary has been pulled out because it has backfired on you zino boy!!!

    1- While the man was talking calmly about that "lying" Palestinian who got shot in the leg, the video show him dropping in a way a dare devil will envy.

    2- While the man was talking calmly about that "lying" Palestinian who got shot in the leg, the video showed bullets still being fired at that man and ricocheting off the street. (Please please watch the video posted by dddooo)

    Could it be that the zionists are so desperate for anything that they could manipulate that the only photoage they found is one that ended up incriminating them further??? Naaaaaaaaaaah

    3- the next photage is for a Palestinian gunman shooting through a hole in the wall. The Israelis claimed that he was shooting through the wall at nothing. Or so they say. No network has ever backed this photpage, no confirmation what so ever that that gunman was in the location the Israeli claimed. They just grabbed a footage of a Palestinian shooting through a hole, show us another footage of a different shaped hole then, cut that footage only to start a new, apparently showing the gunman running toward a hole and then another NEW footage of the gunman shooting through the first hole. The zionists, given their credibility (sarcasm) want us to belive their version of the story. (Please please watch the video supplied by dddooo)

    4- The third seen is what cracked me up! Following the pattern of the zionists, I was not surprised the they turned a crime they committed into something that could benefit their, lying to the world, campaign.

    The claimed that the footage were for a funeral procession. Everyone knows that this is not true!! Your people were counting on the American people's lack of knowledge in that area that they did not even bother to come up with a better lie!

    Everyone know that when a Palestinian is martyred, Thousands of Palestinians march in his procession. You ask how is it that everyone know??? Buddy you have killed so many of us and media has covered so many funerals to know that you are a lying zionist and that such lie will not pass.

    We know that when someone is carried on a stretcher by 4 PEOPLE ONLY, that man is most definetly injured!!!

    Below are some pictures of real Palestinian funerals of people killed by you!




    5- On the same scene, notice how the zionists added the sounds of people's screams to the footage. Wait a minute! I thought it was captured by a drone??! And how come such screams are getting repeated in a duplicated way??? :D

    6- In that scene, the zionists decided to ridicule the audience's inelegance watching the video further by claiming that the people ran away in panic after the man came back to life! LOL CAN YOU ZIONISTS BE ANY BETTER??? You shoot at people carrying an injured man, people run in fear, you take the images of such crime and then turn it around against us while making fun of your audience and the Palestinians that you shot at.

    7- This is the drone images. Notice how in the video that dddooo supplied us with, he chose to add his own sound effect! a duplicated one that is as well as the location!!! Even though the drone tape does not have any of that!!! :D

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    Good one dddooo. Keep them comming...You just increminated your criminals further you idiot!
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